Most homeowners who decide to put their houses on the market have two main goals: 1) to sell as quickly as possible, and 2) to get the highest possible price. To accomplish these goals sellers must attract qualified buyers. That means presenting the home in the best possible light, and one of the easiest and cost-effective ways of doing that is to add a fresh coat of paint inside and out. Unless you are a professional painter, the job of home painting should be left to an expert painting contractor.

If you are uncertain about the impact of hiring a residential painter before you put your home on the market, consider the following:

  • It will help maximize market value
  • It will increase the curb appeal
  • It will make marketing the home easier
  • It will make your home outshine comparable homes on the market
  • It will enhance the natural light
  • It will create a sense of superior maintenance
  • It will look clean and ready to move into
  • It will be a time and money saver for the buyer

Painting helps maximize market value

There is certainly an expense in paint and labor when you consider the value of repainting. It is worth it? Most Realtors believe it is. Hiring a painting contractor to refurbish your entire home can add as much as $6000 to the selling price.

Remodeling or adding onto your home in an attempt to increase the value is a risky proposition according to most experts. Not only can these improvements be extremely expensive, but the return on your investment may be minimal. Repainting with the assistance of a professional painter, on the other hand, has proven to be one of the best ways to maximize the value of homes for sale. Not only do you maximize the market value of your home, but you do it in a way that leaves money in your pocket.

Fresh paint increases curb appeal

You can’t make a second first impression. When potential purchasers drive by your home or check it out online, it has to make the kind of positive impression that stops them in their tracks. A fresh coat of paint is one of the best ways to do this.

A sparkling exterior along with immaculate landscaping makes buyers feel like your home is cared for and well maintained. Take a critical look at your house from the curb with the perspective of a potential purchaser. You should see a home that fits into the neighborhood and that is obviously a source of pride to the owner. If the exterior is dirty or dingy, buyers will naturally assume the interior to be the same. This is the time to hire a residential painter to do the kind of professional job that will make your home stand out to everyone who passes by.

Fresh paint makes the job of marketing your home easier

It’s just a fact that a home that looks good is easier to sell. If the photos of your home make it look like a fixer-upper, you are going to get fixer-upper offers for it. Realtors are going to have a harder time convincing buyers to make top of the market offers on a house that buyers know they will have to spend money on.

Virtual tours that emphasize that buyers are looking at an immaculately maintained home are more likely to generate calls to Realtors. Realtors who are enthusiastic about listings because they know the property will show well are more likely to show your home first and promote it enthusiastically. That enthusiasm can quickly turn into offers.

Fresh paint gives you an edge up on comparable homes on the market

When there are a lot of homes on the market, buyers have a lot of choices, and sellers have a lot of competition. Fresh paint is an easy and affordable way to make your home stand out from that competition.

You should consider taking a serious look at your competition before you put your house on the market. Note the pluses and minuses between you and your competitors. If the competition looks fresher and better maintained, you are going to have a hard time convincing a potential buyer that he or she should make an offer on your home instead of your neighbors.

Consider the advantages when you hire a home painter and give your home a whole new look that makes it stand out from the competition. It may make the difference between selling and coming in second best.

Neutral paint enhances natural light

Dark, dingy rooms are not what buyers are looking for. One of the best ways to make a good impression on potential purchasers touring your home is to flood it with light. When you decide to sell, you must minimize your personal taste. Eclectic wall colors and coverings have to go.

Buyers must be able to see themselves and their belongings in the space. Using a neutral color palette is one of the best ways to help them do that. According to Zillow, living rooms painted in pale taupe with undertones of pink, tan, or peach sell for almost $3000 more than expected. On the other hand, in your face colors, like raspberry in a kitchen, reduced the price by more than $2000.

Painting the front door, while an inexpensive investment, has a powerful impact on home prices. Doors painted black or charcoal grey have been proven to increase the purchase price of a home by as much as $6000 according to

Fresh paint gives the impression your home is well maintained

When buyers inspect a home they are considering buying, they look at it with an eye to any possible defects. A visual inspection that reveals dingy, dirty walls and chipped paint will indicate more serious defects to a potential purchaser, whether or not that is true.

The bones of your home and structural integrity may be sound, but buyers are going to see potential problems because you did not present your home in the best possible light. It is just human nature to assume there are underlying issues when surface problems are so obvious. Your home will be judged on appearances, not on structural soundness that can’t be seen or immediately appreciated.

Fresh paint makes your home look move-in ready

You may not realize how important an immaculate appearance is to potential purchasers. Even a few paint dings and scratches negatively impact your chances of getting a good offer on your property. When buyers walk through a home they are considering buying, one of the most important things they consider is how much work it will take to make the home into what they want.

Fresh paint on the exterior and interior is a definite plus because prospective buyers see it as a money saver. They will be willing to make a higher offer and will be more likely to negotiate the price if they feel that they have the chance to purchase a property in immaculate condition.

If you’re planning to sell your house this year, you need to consider how buyers will react when they first see it. Fresh paint is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to create a great first impression on potential purchasers. For a free estimate contact LRM Painting today! We cover Chesterfield Township, Oakland, St. Claire, Wayne, and Macomb County MI.