Commercial Exterior Painting
In Chesterfield Twp.

Commercial Exterior Painting

Getting the outside of your building painted in a timely fashion in Chesterfield Twp MI and the surrounding areas takes planning and skill. In addition to dealing with weather risks, the exterior of your structure will need to be carefully reviewed to make sure that winter hasn’t done any serious damage. Our painting professionals have years of experience in fighting what winter can do to your building and are happy to put our skills at your disposal.

We Understand Weather Challenges

Winter and the accompanying moisture can lead to wood rot and metal corrosion. A little visible rust on your sign can mean it’s at risk of structural problems. We can assist you by sanding away the rust and priming the bare metal before things get worse. Our crew includes carpenters as well as painters, so any rotted wood we find can be addressed before the priming begins. When you hire LRM Painting, Inc., you have access to carpenters and painters that can get your building protected with a coat of quality paint while the sun shines.

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Assessing the Conditions

Our estimators will take a careful look at your building from the top down. We’ll review any metal on signs that you need painted for corrosion and check out the wood along the roof line to make sure it’s sound. While making time for repairs and rust removal can delay a finished paint job, there’s no point in protecting any part of your building that really needs to be replaced. By the end of the estimating process, you’ll have a pricing estimate, an understanding of the work that needs to be done and a timeline. Once you thoroughly understand and accept the estimate, we can set the timeline.


We Repair and Then Paint

Winter winds and summer suns can all be hard on buildings in Michigan, as can the snow and rain. LRM has built a crew that includes skilled carpenters as well as experienced painters, so you’re not waiting on another contractor to wrap up the rust removal or fascia repair before we can come in, prime and paint. Our crew chiefs and painters can provide you with quality work in a timely fashion and all of it covered by one estimate.



Paint Prep Will Give You the Best Results

In addition to damage assessments and repairs, our commercial exterior painting crew will review the exterior condition of your building. Whether the structure is stucco, brick, wood or a form of cladding, we will review the exterior of your building for dings and scrapes. Our crew will wash, patch and smooth these areas to match the existing texture before priming. Finally, we will caulk gaps before we paint to further protect your building from winter damage.


Paint Technology and Priming

Paint blending technology is under stringent review and constantly changing. This is especially true for paint that can be sprayed on, such as in the case of metal buildings and signage. Our painters are well-trained in the latest application techniques for their safety and for your best results. While not every project will require a primer, our in-depth knowledge of the ever-expanding science of paint can help you make the best choice for a long-lasting paint job on your structure.


Topcoat Color Consultation

As commercial exterior painting experts, this is where all of our efforts go on display. The process of preparing for a quality topcoat means that all of the prep work and repair efforts have to work together. Our carpenters and painters are all working toward building a base of materials that will take the topcoat beautifully. We can also help you make the best color selection for your new paint job. Our job is to make your business look terrific and applying a quality topcoat to a great prep job is the best way to do that. In addition, a quality topcoat provides the exterior of your commercial building with a “sleeve” or layer of protection against the elements.

Custom Options and Unique Tools

In addition to repairing, prepping and painting your commercial building, we have the skills and tools to repair and paint metal signage. As a commercial painting contractor, we have access to lifts and other tools needed to reach great heights to apply a great coat of paint. In addition, our carpentry teams can help with updates on exterior trim projects. If you’re ready to add any exterior wood trim, we can help.


Your Clients and Employees Will Have Access

To keep your business running, your employees and customers will need access to the space. We will work hard with you and your management team to make sure that any access limitations caused by repair or painting equipment are extremely brief. The safety of our crew, your employees and your customers are critical to our project planning team. Any limitations will be clearly marked and our crew will be on hand to quickly wrap up any painting steps that require doorways to be covered or partially blocked. In addition to keeping your clients away from the risk of brushing up against wet paint, we can work around your business hours and try to paint in your down time.


Schedule Flexibility: We Work When You’re Away

When you contact us for a quote, please check out our hours of operation. LRM is open from Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. We also offer weekend hours. Our crews offer a lot of flexibility and understand that summer hours can go long. Michigan summers offer a short window to get your commercial exterior painting projects done. Our teams are willing to put in the time necessary to protect your building from the upcoming winter. We do our best to keep crews running as long as the sun is out to get your painting project done.


Your Security Concerns are Our Security Concerns

Our exterior painting crews may well need access to some utilities inside your building. The tools we use as a commercial painting contractor often have to draw on local water and power sources. However, as our business is licensed, you and your employees can be sure that your facility will be secure while we’re on-site. Our paint crews have been with us for years and every crew is led by a trusted crew chief.

LRM Painting, Inc. has been in business for more than ten years. We are your neighbors and are excited to help your business look terrific. First impressions mean a lot, so keeping your building in good repair can help to draw in new customers. Our primary goal is building a portfolio of satisfied customers. No matter the size or construction of your building, we can help you choose a color scheme that will look terrific and a paint that will protect your building from the elements. Contact us for an estimate.

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