Commercial Interior Painting
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Commercial Interior Painting

The beauty of your commercial interior space creates an image of success that impresses your clients. With an elegant décor in an area where you welcome visitors, you convey the quality of the goods and services that you offer. Commercial interior painting provides subtle aspects of color combinations and surface applications that let customers know what they may anticipate when they patronize your business. At LRM Painting, we take pride in the quality, craftsmanship and character of our work. We value expertise and professionalism, and it shows in the jobs that we do for discerning clients in Chesterfield Twp MI and throughout Macomb and Oakland counties.

Delivering Classically Beautiful Commercial Painting

Our high-quality teams of commercial interior painting professionals honor our reputation for listening to client requests, offering recommendations and delivering the work that produces beautiful aesthetic results. We provide the attention to detail that you may expect in your home, and we treat each job with the respect that it deserves. From our location in Chesterfield Township, we can provide superior commercial painting services to clients in the surrounding areas.

We staff our painting crews with exceptional talent and experience in transforming the appearance of commercial properties. Whether your commercial building provides a space for offices, a hotel, coffee shop, restaurant or retail shops, we can give it an attractive interior that appeals to your clientele. In 10 years of serving the Chesterfield Twp MI area, we have enhanced the appearance of the interior as well as the exterior commercial spaces and made them look beautiful.

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Respecting Work Areas and Timeframes

At LRM Painting, we respect the importance of your work and the need to get the job done with minimal interruption to your business. In our 10 years of working for commercial clients, we perfected the art of completing projects on schedule with only a slight disruption to our clients’ productivity. As your commercial painting company, we adapt our work around your schedule with flexible hours that include working when you do not occupy your building. Our commercial interior painting service requires us to respect your building, its interior spaces and your equipment, and we show it by keeping all our activity areas clean, safe and tidy. The protection of surfaces, machinery and furnishings that require no paint receive our careful attention to ensure their safe passage through the entire project period. We offer guidance in selecting the paint products that can produce the results that you expect and deserve.

Minimizing Down Time

As commercial painting contractors, we understand the importance of painting your commercial space with an efficient and productive approach. Our experience allows us to implement measures that minimize our impact on your privacy, productivity and environment. Our commercial painting company moves along swiftly and smoothly without attracting attention, efficiently attending to every detail. To prevent any paint odors from entering your workspace, we use low-VOC paints that do not emit any smells. We can deliver efficient performance and save clients money by avoiding the need to shut down while we work. As experienced commercial painting contractors, we want to enhance your business operation by making it aesthetically appealing and fresh-looking without causing any loss of your productive time.  

Providing Quality Service with Reliable Professionals

When you choose LRM as your commercial painting company for your professional painting needs, you can have confidence in the reliability of our skilled teams. The reputation that we developed by providing superior commercial painting services rides on the quality of work that our painters provide, and we gladly entrust them with it.

Enhancing Commercial Properties with Expert Painting Services

Commercial facilities provide a source of strength for business, industry and government with warehouses, public service facilities, offices and office parks, hospitals and health clinics, banks, restaurants, storefronts and strip malls. We prepare for improving their appearance by studying paint properties and characteristics to understand the applications that deliver specific capabilities. We provide our teams with the latest equipment and stay up to date with the newest techniques that the industry recommends. Our knowledge of substrate materials enables us to select the most appropriate finishes that complement and extend their life span. We work in all environments that may pose challenges, and we guarantee our work. Our fully insured and vetted painters work a flexible shift with weekday and weekend schedules that most efficiently comply with our clients’ requirements.

Choosing a Full-service Commercial Painting Contractor

The meticulous care that we provide on every contract represents a hallmark of our service, and we welcome the opportunity to deliver exceptional performance for our clients. We believe that commercial painting creates an impression that defines a company as a successful member of a community. The visual image that it presents can remain with potential clients for years to come. Our process starts with listening and understanding your objectives, and we implement procedures that ensure your satisfaction. We work on new construction or provide repairs as needed on existing structures. To ensure perfect surfaces that allow the paint to adhere correctly, we offer a full range of services. 

  • drywall repair with the application of tape and texture
  • interior wall and ceiling painting
  • exterior walls and structures
  • doors and window
  • moldings
  • all trim work
  • warehouse ceilings
  • epoxy flooring
  • wall covering removal and installation
  • staining and finishing wood areas
  • metal shelf painting
  • color applications for signs, logos and branding

Choosing Value with an Experienced Commercial Painting Contractor

Our competitive pricing gives you an excellent reason to hire us, but we offer much more than an affordable paint job for your property. Our philosophy assures you of a focus on quality and customer service that guarantee satisfaction. Our painters honor our commitment to professionalism with the adoption of the most efficient painting processes. With our emphasis on experience, communication skills and leadership, we offer professional teams that treat each contract with precision, attention to detail and efficiency through completion.

The combination of qualities that we consider essential produce a paint job that looks good when we finish and for many years to come. Our licensed and insured professional painters deliver a job that makes your employees proud and impresses your clients as we meet your specifications. Businesses in Macomb and Oakland counties areas can count on LRM to provide a superior paint job that surpasses expectations for quality, expertise and professionalism. We welcome calls for free estimates for professional painting services that can transform the appearance of your business.

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