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Office Painters

No matter the size of your office, getting the space painted is a great decision when it’s time to clean house or freshen the space. One of the biggest challenges to planning your office painting project is finding a crew that can work around your schedule. LRM Painting offers great work at a fair price, a color consultation, and plenty of schedule flexibility.

We Can Work Around Your Schedule

When you contact LRM Painting for your free estimate, please feel free to review our hours. We have painting crews available to work seven days a week and from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday thru Friday. We can provide you with a quality crew of office painters that can repair trim, patch and prime wallboard, and paint your office while your employees are out.

Setting Up Your Estimate

Once you contact us for an estimate, our employees will come out and assess the space. They’ll review the condition of your sheetrock, check out the trim and let you know of any repairs that need to be done. This estimate is critical to setting up the timeline for your office painting project, as every repair will take time to do and will also require drying time. In addition, we can let you know if your project will require additional priming due to repair needs.

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We Offer a Free Color Consultation

The wall color of any space in which you spend a lot of time can have a large impact on how you feel throughout the day. Colors can be soothing or energizing. To help your employees put in their best efforts and to help your customers feel relaxed and welcome, the color you choose for your office is critical. Your office will be a more pleasant place to work and do business with the right color on the walls.


Prep Work is the Key to a Great Paint Job

A fresh coat of paint will brighten the space, but paint can only look as good as the surface beneath it. The first step to a good outcome when hiring commercial painting contractors is to make sure that repairs are done correctly. Our crew of office painters includes skilled carpenters who can make needed repairs to baseboards and door trim. We also offer updates such as crown molding if you’re ready to upgrade any portion of your office. Before any paint is applied to your office, we will make sure that the trim is in good shape and that the walls are ding, nail hole and scrape-free.

Keeping the Mess to a Minimum

Sheetrock repair and carpentry updates often come with dust. Our crew of office painters will lessen the risk of mess in several ways. First, we will mask the space to keep floors as clean as possible. Secondly, access points in and out of the painting area will be protected to reduce the risk of anyone tracking dust throughout the building. Finally, we will leave the worksite broom clean every day.

The Properties of Paint are Always Changing

The chemistry and science of paint are always under scrutiny. Every additive that goes into paint to make it flow more easily, cling more successfully or hold color against the elements is constantly being assessed for both safety and success. Our business leaders always have an eye on new paint formulations and any new restrictions that have been put in place. We can help you make the best choice of paint to be used in an enclosed space.

Our Crews are Exceptionally Well Trained

Building a quality team means offering excellent training on all equipment. Our painting crews are comprised of trusted painters, many of whom have worked with us for more than ten years, since LRM began. To protect their safety, your space and the quality of our work, you can be sure that all painters on your crew will have expertise in handling all the equipment used on your site.

We Can Help Manage the Temporary Disruption

When hiring commercial painting contractors and working in an office that is accessed by the general public, you will likely run into shared access points. Clients, employees and the painting crew will, at some point, all need to use the same access point. LRM paint crews have a great deal of experience in getting a lot done in shared spaces. We will put up signage to warn anyone passing through the area of the risk of wet paint and dust. We will also, by careful managing of workspaces, access points and doorways, prevent accidents by careful tool management.

Our Work History

LRM has a long history as residential and commercial painting contractors. We have worked in several facilities in the Macomb and Oakland County area, including facilities such as hospitals and health clinics, banks, churches and restaurants. We can prep and paint large scale projects, such as warehouses and public service facilities. We understand the need for quick, efficient paint jobs and quality outcomes. Our business is making your business look good!

Security is Important to All

We understand how important it is to trust everyone working in your space. Our business is fully licensed and insured. We have clearance to work in banks and health facilities. The safety and security of your space, your client information and your employees is a responsibility that we take seriously.

Paint is more than just color.  Hiring a quality paint crew is more than settling on the lowest price. We are happy to provide you with an estimate, a color consultation and a timeline. Our crews do more than provide wonderful quality. We can repair trim and sheetrock damage as well as replacing damaged sections of wooden trim and sheetrock. We can add crown molding for a more formal, polished look. When we’re done, we’ll leave you with freshly painted, smooth walls.

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Repaint Your Home

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