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Finding a crew of interior house painters to paint the inside of your house can be nerve-wracking. First of all, you have decisions to make about colors and finishes. Secondly, you may need help moving furniture to prep for your painting project. Finally, you will be dealing with a crew of strangers in your home.

Quality Paint

We only use the highest quality primers and paints to ensure the best looking and long-lasting results!

Expert Quality

Our expert painters meticulously paint with the highest quality of materials to achieve excellence results. Your flawless finish will be the envy of your friends and family!

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Start With Our Estimators

Our customer service team will start working on your project as soon as you contact us for a quote. Our estimator will contact you to set up an appointment at your home at your convenience. The estimate you receive will include information on any repair that needs to be done, paint prep, priming and the top coat in the color and sheen of your choice.

Repair Work

Dings in sheetrock and damage to trim boards can happen very quickly. Our team knows that a quality interior house painting starts with creating a quality material base on which to work. We will sand or replace baseboard trim and base shoe that has taken abuse over the years. In addition, our painting crew includes carpenters, so these repairs will be done right by qualified craftsman. Once these repairs have been done, we can start the final paint preparation process.

Paint Prep

The LRM Painting, Inc. team of interior house painters won’t apply a topcoat until the material base is perfect. This may mean applying a fine layer of joint compound to scarred walls and touching up small nail holes. In addition, the current color of your walls will have an impact of whether or not we will need to apply primer to completely mask the current colors. In addition, prior to priming our team will mask the space completely, protecting items that can’t be moved and moving the items that need relocated.

The Importance of Professional Exterior House Painting Services 
Color Consultations

Your home deserves more than just a basic search on “painters near me.” Our painters are residents in the area and are happy to help make your Chesterfield Twp. home a showplace. Your interior house painting will be personalized and reflect your needs and tastes. For example, families with children or grandkids may want a wall finish that’s easy to wash up. You may be excited to finally get crown molding installed in their home. Every trim choice can be used to personalize your space and paint job, helping you to create a finish that exactly reflects your personality.

Sheen Choices

Every choice you make in your interior house painting decision process will include both color and sheen. High-gloss trim paint can look very sharp but may not suit a more casual feel. Adding crown molding to a dining or formal living room may call for a strong color with a lot of reflection, while you may want to use a more muted finish on the walls. Flat, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss and gloss are all terms that mean something different when choosing your paint. Our estimators can help you make your choice a lot simpler.

Priming Decisions

The science of paint blending is always under review and constantly changing. If you’re not certain about priming, our team of estimators, crew chiefs and interior house painters can make the process both quick and simple. There are paints that include primers. However, for covering up bare wood, bare sheetrock or strong colors, an extra layer of primer is recommended practice. This limits the risk of bleed-thru if you’re covering the strong color used on an accent wall.

Protection for the Inside of Your Home

A quality paint job is more than just color. By careful application of a professional grade of paint, you can actually create a protective sleeve on your sheetrock and wooden trim. This sleeve can cancel out odors such as cigarette smoke from a former owner or pet odors.

Painting Techniques and Technology

To get a truly smooth coat of paint, we keep up on the latest in application technology. These tools take skills and our crews are well-trained to use quality paint and top of the line application tools to make your home look its very best. Our training process is directed at teaching both application skills and safety. Our painters are like family and safety is our top priority.

We Clean, Too!

Paint prep, wall and trim repair, priming and top coating can be messy. Sheetrock repair is inherently dusty and any trim work can lead to sawdust in the space. However, our painting crews work very hard to leave the jobsite as tidy as possible. In addition, we will treat every access point that leads into the rooms we’re working in with masking plastic and floor coverings to avoid tracking dust through your home.

Thanks for your Patience

One of the hardest things about a painting project is literally the drying time. If we need to repair wood trim, there may be drying time for caulking or glue. Sheetrock repairs generally take mudding, and that simply can’t be rushed. If we need to prime any new lumber or sheetrock, the primer coat must be applied on top of previous repairs and allowed to dry completely before we know if the space needs another coat of primer or is ready for topcoat. Then the topcoat has to dry. Our crews want you to be very happy with your paint job, and that may mean more time between when we start and when you will get you house back. It will be worth it!


Our crews understand that your home is a private space. LRM Painting is licensed, and our painters have been with us for a long time. Our crew chiefs are diligent supervisors who will be there to direct our painting team for fast, quality results. In addition to meeting with our estimators, you will have contact information for others at our company including our crew chiefs. You will be fully informed of our painting schedule, when we will arrive and approximately how long the project will take. Our goal is to provide you with a beautifully painted home, on time and in budget.

Your satisfaction is our number one goal. We are your neighbors and know how important it is to enjoy your home and be proud of your living space. Our painting crews have been with us for years and are proud to be part of the team. We look forward to hearing from you!

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