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Painting is a simple but lovely way to freshen and update your home. However, it’s critical that you hire a painting company who respects your space and will listen to what you need to have done and when so that your painting job works best with your life. LRM Painting, Inc., can help you choose the best color and sheen for your home. We can also work with your schedule.

Quality Paint

We only use the highest quality primers and paints to ensure the best looking and long-lasting results!

Expert Quality

Our expert painters meticulously paint with the highest quality of materials to achieve excellence results. Your flawless finish will be the envy of your friends and family!

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Let’s Start with The Painting Estimate

When you contact us for an estimate, a member of our team will come to your house to assess the size of the job. Our estimator will also study the condition of your drywall and trim. Once we know what the repair and refinishing time will be, we can give you a price on the finished project and a timeline.

What About Crown Molding?

In addition to working with a great crew of home painters, LRM offers carpentry services by our staff. The addition of crown molding to your space can turn an ordinary room into something truly elegant. In addition to crown molding, our team of carpenters or painters will review the condition of your baseboards and door trim, repairing dings and dents where possible and replacing what needs to be replaced.

Smoothing Out the Sheetrock

Paint can only look as good as the surface it’s applied to. If your sheetrock has been banged up or if you’re tired of trying to cover all the nail holes, LRM can help. Once everything is off the walls, we’ll assess the surface and patch or repair as needed. It’s important that you know that all of these repairs will have to include drying time and a final sanding. However, making time for prep work will mean that your walls are a wonderfully smooth surface when it’s time to apply that topcoat of paint.

Choosing Your Paint Color To Bring Your House Together

Paint color choices only grow as the years go by. However, you can simplify your choice with the help of our color consultation professionals. We will assess the permanent features of your home, such as stone fireplaces and wood flooring, to help you choose a color that will look as though it’s always belonged there. Our job is to make this as simple and enjoyable as possible!

Choosing a Sheen for Best Light Reflection

Every home has a different level of natural light. Depending on your desire and tolerance, you can choose paint sheens that will reflect a bit more light or stay more muted. While satin, semi-gloss and gloss finishes are most common on trim work, wall finishes can include eggshell or flat. Eggshell offers a bit more glow, while a flat finish can help to calm a room. For example, you might choose eggshell for the family room and do the bedrooms in a flat finish.

We Reduce the Mess

Painting, from start to finish, can get messy if the project isn’t properly managed. LRM’s crews of home painters know how to handle each step of the repair, priming and painting process to help put your home back together. From the start, we will mask off the areas that we won’t be working in to reduce dust and spatter. As we patch and repair, our crews will leave your home broom-clean at the end of each working day. Our sanding tools take away the dust before it hits your floor and we will monitor access points to make sure that anyone entering or leaving the space is tracking anything through your home. Finally, our home painting crews are well-trained on modern painting tools for a quality coating of your space with minimum mess and fuss.

We Know Paint

The science of paint mixing and blending is under constant scrutiny and can change at a moment’s notice. Home painters need to know more than how to repair walls and apply paint; we also need to determine whether your home will need a primer to reduce the risk of bleed and cover dark tones or if a single coat of paint will suffice. Every aspect of your current paint job will be studied to determine what needs to be done to get a great topcoat. We don’t consider a job done until you’re happy.

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We Are Your Neighbors

If you’ve been searching for “painters near me” search no more. We are your neighbors and have more than ten years of experience of making homes in Chesterfield Twp. and throughout Macomb County, MI area look terrific. Our house painting crews have worked with us for a long time and are like family. As you improve your home inside and out, know that we are happy to help you increase the value of your home and your joy in the space.

Our Painters are Local

This means that we can work carefully around your schedule because we understand the ins and outs of our neighborhood. LRM is licensed and bonded for your protection and we are fully insured to protect both our employees and your home.

Security Concerns

Inviting a team of home painting professionals, or any other repair professionals, into your space can be a little nerve-wracking. However, our crews are well-supervised. Your home will not only receive careful repair and a great coat of paint, but we respect your space and belongings. At no point will crews be unsupervised in your home.

Your house painting worries are over! We’re happy to come out and give you an estimate for your painting project. Once you’ve met with a color consultant and made your choices, we can put together a timeline. We’ll do our best to explain the time commitment of repair as well as drying time challenges. From start to finish, you will be informed, and your home and belongings will be protected. Remember, we’re not done until you’re happy with the job!

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Repaint Your Home

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