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Your Interior & Exterior Residential Painting Contractors for Macomb & Oakland County

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Residential Painters

If your expensive home is precious to you, why risk lowering its resale value by experimenting on it? Painting is best left to the pros, so look no further! LRM Painting will be your go-to painting contractor in Chesterfield Twp MI and the surrounding areas. Unlike most of our competitors, we can guarantee your complete satisfaction. We are licensed, insured and beyond eager to beautify the exterior and the interior of your living quarters.

Our Extensive Experience Is More Than Enough

We have been in business for over 10 years, and our approach to projects has not changed. Put simply, our seasoned painters paint with precision and with the highest quality of materials to achieve excellence. To us, excellence means a flawless finish because we take pride in delivering spot-on results that are exceptional to our clients.

What Steps Will We Take to Execute Your Vision Right the First Time?

In addition to working with a great crew of home painters, LRM offers carpentry services by our staff. The addition of crown molding to your space can turn an ordinary room into something truly elegant. In addition to crown molding, our team of carpenters or painters will review the condition of your baseboards and door trim, repairing dings and dents where possible and replacing what needs to be replaced.


We also want you to keep these facts in mind:

  • We have mastery over our craft.
  • Our passion is to satisfy clients.
  • The rates for our services are friendly to budgets.
  • No job is over until we achieve the client’s approval.

We Specialize in All Aspects of Exterior and Interior Painting

It is no secret that we want to be the leading painting contractor in Chesterfield, MI and the surrounding areas. To that end, we constantly train so that we can continue to perform at a high level on all jobs. Our efforts have paid off. With some of the latest tools on the market, we can apply clean and even films to the various substrates on residential buildings. Furthermore, we have the ability to paint the tallest walls with an excellent degree of efficiency. This is the reason you will not have to worry about us taking too long. Whether you want to see a colorful interior that matches your personality or an impeccable-looking exterior that ensures greater curb appeal, we will use every ounce of our energy to deliver your desired results.

Entrust Your Home Improvement Project to Us

Instead of using do-it-yourself tips, you should leave the drudgery to a well-prepared crew. Take our word for it. Painting is a tough, demanding task. To improve your home’s appearance with paint, you need a certain level of proficiency in the painting process. This is why we are in your corner. We have not only the required competence but also the necessary skills to complete the paint job for you. Over the years, our thoroughly vetted employees have proved that they can be trusted. We treat clients with the utmost courtesy. More importantly, we respect clients’ properties whether we are being supervised or not.

Your project will be a success, and we make this claim with certainty because we are duty bound to fulfill your requests to your specifications. After seeing us in action, you are going to have enough reasons to become one of our loyal clients. We always make sure that our workmanship is up to par.

Are you hesitant to hire our painting services? These benefits will convince you to let us paint your home today:

  • Enhanced Look

Your home will attract more attention from potential buyers once we update its appearance. People love to invest in properties that look new and appealing. According to experts on this matter, painting your front door a favorable color can increase the home’s resale value by several thousands of dollars. 

  • Less Maintenance

Our painting services won’t eliminate the need to perform routine maintenance on your home. However, they will save you money and improve your peace of mind by helping to protect your home against rot, rust and corrosion problems. We only use top-grade paint to effectively adorn interior and exterior surfaces because we know how vulnerable they are to fingermarks and harsh weather. 

  • A Risk-Free Decision

The results we deliver are hard to duplicate, but we have what it takes to be consistent. This explains why we are accomplished and beyond qualified to oblige you. Since we are insured, worrying about accidents is unnecessary. This painting contractor complies with the latest codes and regulations. We also have safety protocols that we follow, so you are not taking a risk by letting us paint your home. Our reputation is the only thing on the line, and we are determined to keep that intact. Therefore, before you search online for painters near me, you should consider using our painting services.

As soon as we get done with adding our finishing touches, you are going to love your home even more. Call LRM Painting today if you are in the Chesterfield Twp MI area, and we will tell you everything that you want to know about our painting services. We provide free estimates.