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Residential painters

Adding new paint to the interior or exterior of your home can transform it. Whether you are updating your existing home or building a new one, choosing the right residential painters can make a world of difference.

When you are searching for the leading residential painting services in Chesterfield Twp MI or the surrounding areas, the professionals at LRM Painting should be your top choice. We are a team of professional painters who take pride in our work and will make certain that the work we do exceeds your expectations.

Quality Paint

We only use the highest quality primers and paints to ensure the best looking and long-lasting results!

Expert Quality

Our expert painters meticulously paint with the highest quality of materials to achieve excellence results. Your flawless finish will be the envy of your friends and family!

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Getting a terrific paint job

A great exterior paint job can make an immediate difference in your home’s curb appeal. Painting the interior spaces can greatly improve the look and feel of your home and help to express your personality and taste. While most people recognize how residential house painting can improve the appearance and value of their homes, many simply do not have the time or expertise to complete the job on their own. The professionals at LRM Painting live in Chesterfield, MI and believe in providing the best residential painting services to better the community. We can work with you to understand your goals and help you to achieve the beautiful, flawless look that you want.


All types of interior and exterior residential painting

Many people want to hire residential painters to complete a specific painting job. We can help to accomplish what you visualize and make it a reality. We complete all types of interior and exterior painting jobs. Our residential painters can make all of your interior spaces look refreshed and beautiful. Our exterior painting work can be transformative for the appearance of your home. Painting your home can add to its value and provide you with a better return on your investment if you ever decide to place your home on the market. We understand what it takes to transform your home and can handle any painting job that your home needs.

House painters near me

Watching decorating shows on television might lead you to believe that painting jobs do not require very much knowledge and that all painting jobs will take a short amount of time. However, the chemistry of the paint that you can choose can be impacted by the application surface even if the surface has been sealed. Once the paint has been applied, the surface will also affect its durability.

Paint in bathrooms and kitchens must be able to withstand high humidity conditions. Choosing washable paint for your child’s room is a smart choice. However, if the surface is not prepared before it is painted, the results will look sloppy and unprofessional.

Our painters are experts who understand how to choose the best paint for different applications when they provide residential painting services to people in Chesterfield Township and throughout the counties of Macomb and Oakland. We can help you to choose the best paint to meet your needs and prepare the surfaces in the right way to achieve a flawless finish.


Custom painting

We offer custom painting services to meet our customers’ needs. When you choose your finish, you should work with experienced professionals to understand how custom paints might react and if they will be able to be covered with a different finish in the future.

We carefully prepare your surfaces before we apply paint. Painting over blemished walls often only highlights the problems. We complete drywall repairs or replacements before we paint to ensure that you will receive optimal results. We do not cut corners because we want to achieve the best results for our customers. To learn more about our custom painting services, contact us today.

Decorative treatments

People used to turn to wallpaper when they wanted a decorative treatment for their walls. Wallpaper is easily damaged and can be hard to remove. Instead of choosing wallpaper, it makes sense to talk to our painting experts. We can help you to find a beautiful texture for your sheetrock’s surface and an appealing topcoat color to create a decorative and unique wall treatment.

Beautifying homes of all ages

Whether you live in a historic home or one that is new, we can help you to select the best paint to complement your home and your preferred design scheme.

We can help you with the needed updates for your home’s painting. We understand the importance of helping you to meet your goals on time, and we can help you to complete your project within your budget and on time.

Houses and more

In addition to our custom painting services for homeowners, we also offer commercial and industrial painting services. If your business or factory needs painting, we can help. We can meet your deadlines and stay within your budget. Our commercial and industrial painting services can be performed according to your schedule so that we do not disrupt your business operations.

 We can work around your schedule to reduce any impact that workplace renovations might bring. We will work within the restrictions that you set for us.

Dealing with unplanned events

When people renovate homes, unexpected events can cause delays. We can help you to anticipate problems that might occur and help you to prevent them. When we meet with you, we will take the time to understand your vision, make recommendations, and provide you with an estimate of the time it will take to complete.

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Paint jobs are not created equal. If you choose the wrong painters, you will end up with results that do not meet your standards. Quality paint jobs require care, expertise, and proper preparation. We take the time to carefully plan with you to ensure that you get high-quality results. Our expert painters can help you to transform the look of your home to make it as beautiful as you envisioned. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation by calling 586-615-9329.

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