With summer coming to an end you may think you missed your opportunity to have the interior of your Chesterfield Twp MI home painted. Maybe there’s a room or two you wanted to paint, but never got around to booking an interior painting contractor. Good news! The fall and winter seasons are ideal for getting the interior of your home painted. Discover a few reasons why the cold weather months are perfect for painting interior rooms of your home.

Get the Job Done While Painters Have an Open Schedule

Not surprisingly, most professional painters are very busy during the spring and summer months. The weather is nice and lots of homeowners are looking for a refreshing change of color inside their home. But, as the cold weather starts to set in, more space opens up on a painter’s schedule. This means you likely won’t have to wait long to get a fall or winter painting project underway.

Save Money on the Painting Project

You can save money by arranging to have the interior of your home painted in the fall or winter months. As mentioned above, most painters have more space on their work schedule during the cold weather seasons. So, your project will be more than welcome when things are slow. In addition, since painters are less busy during the cold weather season, it lowers the prices of paint. These circumstances add up to a good price on a painting project.

At LRM Painting, we’re happy to provide you with an interior house painter quote for free when you click on the Get Your Quote button on our website. Take a few minutes to let us know what you need done!

Paint Dries Faster in the Cold Weather Months

When you have the interior of your home painted in the spring or summer, high humidity levels can slow down the drying process. When it’s humid, the paint evaporates at a slow rate. Alternatively, when you have interior rooms painted in the cold weather months, the low humidity levels allow paint to dry quickly. In addition, there is likely to be less cracking and peeling due to the quick, efficient drying process.

Some homeowners are concerned about the idea of opening their windows to let the paint dry while precious heat is flowing out and cold wind is flowing in. However, you don’t need to open all of your windows to dry painted walls in the cold weather months.

Opening a few windows to allow adequate ventilation helps the paint to dry completely. The temporary loss of heat in a section of your home may raise the utility bill a little bit, but this will be offset by the great price you get on painting work during the fall or winter season. Remember that your windows won’t be open for very long because the paint is drying more quickly due to less moisture in the air.

As a note, since the painting is being done in the fall or winter, all of the windows will not be thrown open as they would in the spring or summer. So, it’s all the more important to ensure the paint being used has very low levels of toxic compounds.

When you hire a home painter, you can talk with them about the quality of the paint being used in the rooms of your home. When it comes to the choice of paint and its ingredients, the safety of your family is top priority for our company. We want you to feel at ease with the type of paint we use on your walls no matter the season.

Check a Big Project Off Your List During the Cold Weather Months

In Michigan, we experience snow, ice, freezing temperatures or all of the above during the cold weather season. You and your family probably spend a lot more time indoors during the colder months of the year. This is the time of year when many homeowners begin to notice areas of paint that are peeling, cracked, and even missing in various rooms. Why not take the opportunity to get those rooms painted while the weather is rough outside? So, when the warm weather months roll around again, your rooms have a new look and you can go outside to have some fun!

Why Hire Our Professional Team of Painters?

When you hire an interior painting contractor from our company, you know your project will be handled by experienced professionals.

We understand how important it is to clean, repair and prime walls before painting them. After all, a new coat of paint will only look its best if it has a smooth, solid foundation beneath it. So, we consider wiping down the walls and repairing everything from nail holes to cracks an essential part of the painting project. Painting work is most effective when the proper steps are followed and shortcuts are never taken.

Our years of painting homes have shown us how specific colors can change the entire tone of a room. We know how to factor in the amount of natural light a room receives when advising homeowners on the sheen of the paint whether it’s flat, satin, semi-gloss, gloss or eggshell. We have lots of examples, if you’d like to see the differences sheen can make in a room.

Our team tackles simple and challenging painting projects with the same degree of expertise. We pay special attention to the details of a room knowing they contribute a lot to the total picture. Does a room in your home have a large, rounded alcove or walls with challenging angles? The professionals on our painting team have seen it all!

We are courteous and show up on schedule so your painting project can be done in a timely manner. We know you and your family want to get back to business as usual so we go about our work with efficiency.

Our team takes precautions to protect the carpets and flooring in a room so there are no mishaps while the painting work is being done. We move items out of the painting area if necessary so things are secure before the work begins.

Of course, a painting project creates a certain degree of mess. So, we are sure to clean up any debris, sweep up dust and generally tidy up at the end of a project. All we want to leave behind is refreshed color!

One of the best reasons to hire our painting team is you don’t have to tackle the work yourself. You can avoid going out to purchase supplies and paint as well as climbing the ladder to do the actual painting. Our experienced team of painters brings quality paint and professional supplies to do the work in the proper way.

Lastly, if you’d like to have one or more rooms in your Chesterfield TWP MI home, our professional painting team at LRM Painting can take on the job! Our team can locate the colors you want for your rooms or advise you on shades of color if you’re not sure what to select. We are glad to discuss the project schedule with you to ensure the work is done at the most convenient time for you and your family.

Contact LRM Painting today and let’s talk about giving your rooms a new look this fall or winter!