Painting your commercial building is a major project that can have a profound impact on your business as well as on your employees. In fact, the project can affect your business’s reputation, property value, ongoing property maintenance needs and more. Finding the right commercial painting contractor in Chesterfield Twp MI to entrust with this important project is essential. As you vet contractors for your commercial painting project, be aware that the contractor selected can also play a role in workplace safety.

A reputable painting contractor will be licensed and insured. Its painters will have all of the equipment and training required to remain safe while painting your building. More than that, the contractor will be able to help you develop an effective safety plan for your own employees. Why should you take extra precautions throughout the completion of your commercial painting project?

Safeguard Your Employees

Your employees may be subject to a few potential health hazards throughout the project. Some of the more common issues are related to poor ventilation as well as slipping and falling. Such hazards could cause broken bones, concussions, respiratory issues and more. As an employer, you are required to keep your employees as safe as possible in the workplace. By developing safety guidelines for them to follow throughout the completion of the project, you can reduce their risks. For example, you can create a clear and safe path for employees to walk around project work areas as needed.

Promote Positive Morale

Through the completion of the commercial painting project, you may provide your employees with a more hospitable and pleasant work environment. However, while the space is being painted, your employees may feel inconvenienced and have concerns about their well-being. For example, they could worry about being exposed to unhealthy fumes or walking around hazards on the ground. Such issues can lead to employee discontentment, stress, a lack of focus and reduced productivity. A workplace safety plan can help your employees to remain confident and to feel secure while they are on the job throughout the duration of the project.

Prevent Unnecessary Liability Issues and Claims

A workplace injury is stressful for the injured employee to endure, and an incident can likewise drain you and other employees of valuable time and energy. If one of your employees is injured during the painting project, you may have to endure the hassle of dealing with a worker’s comp claim. A business liability insurance claim and even a lawsuit could follow as well. While you cannot fully prevent all workplace injuries, you can dramatically reduce the likelihood of these injuries during your upcoming project when you work with your commercial painting contractor to develop a plan.

Avoid Unnecessary and Costly Disruptions to Workflow

Some painting contractors are willing and able to work on commercial projects around business hours, such as over the weekend or at night. However, if this is not feasible for your project, you should plan ahead for how the painting activities will impact workflow. More than that, consider how operations would be impacted if an employee was injured because of some aspect of the project. Depending on the severity of the injury, operations may cease for a period of time. Further disruption may follow if some of your employees must be interviewed or must submit a report related to the event. If employees are concerned about their own safety on the job, disruptions may continue for the duration of the project. These disruptions could be minimized or entirely prevented when you take safety precautions upfront.

Avoid Negative Publicity

Avoidable workplace injuries, operational disruptions that inconvenience customers and other project-related issues could result in negative publicity. Bad press could affect your business’s profitability for the near future, and the negative effects could be more pronounced in some cases. When you take steps to create a safe environment, your devotion to employee safety may never be questioned.

Commercial Painting for Chesterfield Twp MI

LRM Painting is a commercial painting contractor in Chesterfield Twp. and throughout Macomb County MI that has been serving the community for more than a decade. As a licensed and insured company with extensive experience with both residential and commercial projects, you can count on our experts to deliver the results you want to see. Our painters always focus on safety on the job while also paying attention to quality and efficiency. We will produce the results you need to see on time and on budget. We are also happy to assist you with developing a safety plan that is tailored to your business.

We want you to produce results that you will love while also minimizing the inconvenience of having painting contractors on-site. Because we are proficient with the use of modern equipment and with the application of a wide range of painting techniques, we have what it takes to impress you. To request an estimate for your project and to set up a consultation to discuss paint colors, finishes and project scheduling, contact LRM Painting today.