Getting a quote for kitchen cabinet painting is like starting a new adventure, but things can begin to cool down when you receive several different quotes from as many contractors. This has left you wondering, “Why are the quotes from Oakland County contractors so different from each other?”

We can answer the question above with an old adage: “You get what you pay for.” Of course, you expect interior painters in Oakland County to know the correct processes for painting, and you also expect them to be experienced, but you know that contractors who fit this description will make you pay for it.

Even though that is the case most of the time, you can find some knowledgeable and experienced home painters who are not quoting the highest prices. So, if you have a few lower quotes, you can’t jump to the conclusion that they are unprofessional or do not do great work, but in most cases, you can.

At LRM Painting in Oakland County MI, we present every client with warranties and guarantees. We also help you select the most appropriate colors. We are licensed and insured, so you know that we are professional cabinet painters. This is the best that you can expect from inside house painters because you know that we will be prepared to handle any problems that may arise, but it also means that our quotes will not be the lowest. We want you to know the reasons that cabinet painting quotes are so different from each other, so we will explain them below:

Why Are Kitchen Cabinet Quotes Massively Different from Each Other?

Labor Costs Can Differ Dramatically.

Labor costs are the biggest determining factor of a contractor’s quote. If the project lasts for several weeks, it will cost more than if it were a short job. There is also a difference between whether or not it is a difficult job or a simple one. So, most contractors will calculate labor costs based on man-hours. In this case, it doesn’t matter how many people worked on the job. In order to know exactly how your contractor calculates labor costs, simply ask the question. They should be happy to tell you.

The Cost of Supplies Differs.

The main reason that the cost of supplies differs is because of the quality of the supplies. If a contractor uses low-quality supplies, they have an incentive to quote you a lower price. In these cases, the contractor keeps their costs down by asking you to buy the supplies, but you will have to pay higher retail prices.

The best contractors have relationships with several suppliers, and these suppliers sell products at a discount. The contractors’ quotes may be higher because they are using Benjamin Moore paint, but you will have better results because of it. Therefore, it is advantageous to you to pay the higher price.

Some Contractors Are Good, and Others Are Not.

Some contractors turn out to be bad actors. You know these bad actors when they ask you to give them a large deposit. They are also the ones who ask you to purchase the supplies. They are inexperienced contractors without relationships with others in the industry. You can find out which group a contractor belongs in by just having a conversation with them. Ask them about their prices. These contractors can never give you a straight answer, and other contractors will try to avoid talking to you at all.

At LRM Painting in Oakland County MI, we know that it is important for us to communicate with you. So, we make sure that you know what we are doing and which products we are using. We want to make sure that you have the best experience possible, but without quality communication, we could not do it.

Ask for Warranties.

If a contractor does not offer you a warranty, this means that they do not believe in their products and the work that their cabinet painters have done. It is essential that a painting company offers you a warranty.

You can do a lot to ensure that you are hiring the best contractor for your kitchen painting project. The first thing should be to perform research on the company you want to hire. Then, do research on the products that these companies use. Remember to search for reviews from past customers, and ask the people you know for referrals for contractors they have used in the past.

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