Homes made of bricks are arguably classic, stylish, and appealing. If you want building material that’s durable, sophisticated, and eco-friendly, consider using a brick. However, it’s relatively expensive to paint bricks. Besides, they are porous and can easily trap specks of dust.

LRM Painting in Oakland County MI has other home painting services for bricks. You can use whitewash or limewash to give your brick a fantastic exterior finish. You can also use them to upgrade your fireplace. However, the two finishers may seem similar, but they’re different. Let’s discuss the differences.


Limewash is one of the oldest finishers for bricks. It’s commonly used for brick protection while adding nice decoration to the surface. It consists of lime and water and is primarily whitish while also available in other shades. It originates from limestone extraction before processing into a paste or putty. If you combine it with water, it produces a chalky mixture and is ready for use.

Limewash is environmentally friendly, cheap, and readily available in hardware stores. Limewash should be your choice if you want a vintage interior with an appealing finish. Benefits of using limewash for renovation, upgrade, or finishing includes:

  1. It adds texture and gives a matte finish to your bricks.
  2. It’s natural, and mineral-based solution hence environmentally friendly.
  3. It’s easy to use.
  4. It can be used in general upgrades and finishes of stones, bricks, and concretes.
  5. It’s not expensive to maintain.
  6. It’s highly acidic and can prevent fungus, bacteria, and other harmful organisms.
  7. It’s highly resistant to chipping and peeling hence durable.
  8. It can be used for both interior and exterior finishes.


Whitewash is just like limewash but has different active ingredients and the ability to penetrate to the surface. It’s applied by mixing half the latex or pain with half water. It doesn’t penetrate more profound to the surface but Instead remains in the exterior giving it a smoother and brighter look that makes homes more attractive.

Whitewashing involves applying the whitewash or a mixture of whitewash and paint in thin layers using a soft brush. Alternatively, you can use a spraying machine for the process, but you’ve got to be keen. It’s available in pure white, unlike limewash, in different shades. However, you can use it in combination with other colors of paints. Here are some benefits of using whitewash for your home painting services:

  1. It brings better effects to dark surfaces.
  2. It’s long, durable, and long-lasting; hence doesn’t need routing maintenance.
  3. It has a smooth texture to the surfaces.
  4. It can be applied on already painted surfaces.
  5. It’s relatively cheaper compared to limewash hence affordable.
  6. It comes in different colors depending on the paint used hence offering you more color choices per your preference.

What Works Best For Your Home?

If you’ve decided to renovate, upgrade or finish your bricks or any other surfaces, you should choose the right formula. It’s crucial to consider the maintenance costs, the surface material, the color requirements, design, position of the surface, and preferred style. Remember that both whitewash and limewash have different features that can complement and finish your home differently.

For instance, you can use limewash as an alternative to painting. However, it can erode after some time, meaning you’ll have to be ready to give it a retouch or re-coat in the long run. It’s environmentally friendly and hence suitable for interior and exterior finish though it can be washed away with time. It’s perfect for a vintage home finish on new bricks and a fireplace.

On the other hand, whitewash works on painted surfaces. You can use it with paints to give your walls a desirable color with a brighter and smoother look. Interestingly, it’s a permanent finish and doesn’t wash away easily like limewash. You can easily whitewash the interior of your home or fireplace with the help of an expert.

Remember, if the two techniques aren’t good for you, consider using the German smear technology. The process, also known as mortar wash, involves smearing on top of the brick using a white mortar, giving a rustic finish. You can mix the homemade mortar of your preference or buy a ready-made mortar. Interestingly, the German smear technique is perfect if you want the mortar to harden on the surfaces because it isn’t easily absorbed.

Work With a Residential Painting Expert

If you are looking for painters near me to invest in your home’s interior or exterior, you need to work with the right painting partner, especially if you want a perfect finish. If you are in Oakland County MI, consider calling LRM Painting professionals for inquiries, advice, and services on finishing your home interior or exterior in style!