Summer always seems to fly by, and suddenly fall is around the corner, with winter not far behind. As cold weather approaches, homeowners race to get exterior projects finished. Your home’s exterior needs painting, yet you wonder if there is still time to schedule your project. How far do temperatures have to drop before outdoor painting isn’t feasible, even in good weather?

When is the Exterior Season Over?

The exterior painting season ends when it’s too cold to paint. With advancements in acrylic resins and other components of paint technology, exterior painters in a northern climate like Oakland County MI can work well into the fall. However, a point comes when paint chemistry begins to change. The product becomes more challenging to apply, making uneven coats a reality.

Another primary concern is how the paint will cure. Paints cure within certain temperatures without substantial fluctuations. When crews paint exterior surfaces above or below these thresholds, the paint may not cure correctly and remains sticky and tacky. Essentially the paint won’t dry. Fall is one of the better seasons to have exterior painters apply a new coat on your home because our area won’t experience the extreme temperature changes that can occur during the summer.

Nevertheless, most manufacturers recommend stopping exterior painting when the temperature drops below 35 degrees Fahrenheit. the threshold for exterior painting used to be 50 degrees, but the advancements in paint formulation technology allow us to keep working in cooler weather. Bear in mind that surface and overnight temperatures also matter. Even though air temperatures may be in the 40s during the day, but if nights are regularly in the 30s, the painting surface may remain below the 35-degree threshold during the day, making curing difficult.

With these factors in mind, the exact time a season ends for exterior residential painting contractors varies from one year to the next. Global warming has produced warmer winters. When this occurs in that case, LRM Painting can work on exterior jobs later in the season. However, in Oakland County MI, the exterior season is usually over at the end of November.

Is There a Special Paint for Cold Weather?

Several manufacturers have cold-weather paint lines, with none particularly expensive. For example, Sherwin Williams’ Resilience applies quite well in cold weather. This paint is also moisture-resistant and protects against mold and mildew, the same as other protective paint coatings. However, these paints are less durable than other premium exterior paint products. Unless you absolutely must have your exterior painted for a specific reason, consider waiting a few months to have your exterior painted in the spring, as the new coat of paint will last much longer.

In summary, the weather and our backlog of projects dictate if we can get to your project at the end of a warm fall season. We watch weather forecasts closely to ensure we will not jeopardize your project’s quality success simply to get it in before the weather turns frigid.

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