Getting the outside of your home painted is no small matter. Unlike your interior walls, which are usually basic and uncomplicated, your exterior surfaces may come with a slew of problems, such as complicated trim work, weather-worn boards and very high surfaces. These and other considerations are important to make as you consider hiring a residential painting contractor to help you solve all of these problems with a minimal amount of concern on your part.

As you get started with the professional painting process, you will want to get a solid exterior painting quote so that you know exactly what to expect. This quote not only will tell you how much money you will be spending on the project but also will answer several important questions regarding paint colors and styles as well as proposed scheduling. As you are getting your exterior painting estimate, here are some important considerations that you and your residential painting contractor will need to make.

Measure and Evaluate the Space

The first step in getting the exterior of your home painted is knowing exactly what you want to have completed. The residential painters will want to know if they are painting siding, trim and gutters as well as additional sheds or garages on your property. You will also want to consider if there are any outdoor porches, decks and stairs that need to be painted and if window trim will be included in the project. To ensure that the right amount of paint is on hand and that the correct estimate is given, the estimator will take complete measurements of all areas to be painted. Having all of the necessary information is vital for getting an accurate quote.

In order to evaluate the space properly, the estimator will need to look at the surfaces to be painted. If minor repairs are needed, such as filling in holes, caulking edges or pressure washing the surfaces, these costs will all need to be listed in the quote. In addition, he will determine whether the need for priming or texturing will add to the cost.

Choose the Paint and Style

While your painting estimator will certainly help to guide you to the ideal paint for your home’s needs, you should have a general idea of how you want the completed project to look. In particular, you will need to choose the main color and may also need to choose one or two shades for trim work. Your estimator will be able to guide you to an appropriate choice based on the style and history of your home if you are having trouble deciding on what is best for you. He will also help you choose the right type of paint that will have the ideal sheen and that will be best able to stand up to the elements.

Create the Ideal Schedule

Scheduling your painting project is a huge part of your exterior painting quote. You must know exactly when your exterior painters plan to come and how long the project should take. This is particularly important if you need the project completed by a certain date or for a special occasion. Your estimator may be able to schedule you for a particular week, or he may choose to put you on the schedule at the earliest available time. Be particularly careful of working with exterior painters who are unable to give you a specific date or who are not sure when they will be available for your project. Working with a knowledgeable company that commits to a date will help you feel confident in your choice.

Ask the Right Questions

This meeting with your residential painting contractor is also an excellent time to ask any questions you have. These questions should not only provide you with peace of mind for any concerns that you have related to such a large project but also should cement in your mind that this company is the best option for your needs. Feel free to ask these questions as the estimator completes his walk-around of your home or at the end of the meeting.

-What is covered by this estimate?
-Will you provide me with a signed estimate?
-Are your painting services guaranteed, or is there a warranty included?
-How do you prepare the surfaces to be painted and the surrounding areas?
-What type and brand of paint will you use?
-Do you use your own employees or subcontract the work?
-Is your company bonded and insured?
-What type of experience does your company have in exterior painting?
-How long will this project take, and when can you begin?
-What will you do if inclement weather negates the agreed-upon schedule?
-How do you clean up your work areas at the end of the project?

Ensure There Is Good Communication

While high-quality workmanship is probably a key deciding factor in which exterior painters you will choose to work with, clear communication should be another non-negotiable factor. You should be consulted at every step in the process. This, of course, is the only way to ensure that your desires will be honored. You should be able to tell how good the company is at communicating with you during the estimate. The estimator should answer all of your questions clearly and concisely and should share his knowledge with you without overstepping your wishes. At the end of the estimate meeting, you should feel as though you and the painting company are true collaborators on the job.

Get a Formal Estimate

Finally, once you are satisfied that all of your questions have been answered and that this is the exterior painting company for you, you should request a formal estimate. Be wary of accepting ballpark estimates written quickly on a piece of paper. Instead, you can only truly be confident in a signed, formal agreement that states exactly what will be painted, when the painting process will commence and what guarantees the painting company is making. The more details that are on this contract, the better prepared and more confident you can be.

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