Wallpaper provides homeowners in Oakland County MI and beyond with an excellent way to add texture, colors and patterns or prints to a space. By doing so, the room is infused with individuality. As amazing as wallpaper can be when it is first applied, the unfortunate reality is that it inevitably will lose its luster over time. The print or pattern can become outdated or dull. The paper may age to give the space a worn look.

During the application process, wallpaper is applied using a strong adhesive. After all, the wallpaper needs to remain in place for many long years. While the adhesive will do its job well, it can make the removal process a tedious chore. Are you wondering what your options are for improving the ambience and style in your home? There are several options that your preferred painting contractor can help you with.

Remove the Wallpaper and Paint the Walls

Few things can freshen up outdated décor as easily as the perfect shade of paint. Removing the wallpaper before painting the walls is often recommended. After all, removing the wallpaper years from now after it has been painted over can be even more arduous than the project would be today. The process requires you to use a heavy-duty adhesive removal product, a scraping tool and plenty of effort. Even with all of the right tools, the task can take many more hours than you anticipate. After the wallpaper is removed, you may need to patch nicks, apply texture and prime the walls before the paint can be applied. Inside house painters in Oakland County MI can do the work for you and can produce stunning results that you will love.

Paint Over the Wallpaper

Removing the wallpaper may be recommended in most cases, but it is not the only option. You can paint over wallpaper, but you will need to take steps to ensure that the paint coverage is even and flawless. Because most wallpaper is textured or embossed with a design, you may need to apply a coat of texture over the wallpaper as a first step. This will also cover over any gaps and lines between the wallpaper. If the wallpaper is peeling up on the corners, it should be glued back down before texture is applied. Coats of primer and paint must then be applied individually with time allowed for drying in between the coats.

Install Paneling

If you want to achieve a different look in your room than paint alone can provide, you can consider half-wall beadboard paneling or full-wall paneling. For any exposed areas of the underlying surface, the wall should be prepared using one of the previous two methods. Any areas that will be covered by paneling or beadboard can simply be covered over with the material. You will then need to prime and paint the material to achieve the desired look.

Apply New Wallpaper

While you may no longer love the look of your current wallpaper, you may still love the beautiful effect that wallpaper can have in a room. Before you can install the wallpaper that you have selected, you must decide whether to cover over the old wallpaper or to remove it first. Regardless of your decision, you must ensure that your new wallpaper has a smooth, clean surface to adhere to. Interior painters in Oakland County MI can help you either to remove the old wallpaper or to prepare the surface for the application of new wallpaper.

The Easy Approach

Regardless of what you have in mind for the end result of your remodeling project, working with outdated wallpaper is challenging. Both prepping the old wallpaper and removing it are intensive projects that undoubtedly will require more time and effort than you may initially anticipate.

Professional interior painters have the experience and skills required to produce the lovely results that you want regardless of the original condition of the walls. The results of this redecorating project will remain in place for years, so you understandably want to ensure that the work is done right. At the same time, you want to save time and start enjoying the new look in your home as soon as possible. The right interior painting contractor will work tirelessly to produce results that you are proud to show off.

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