Everyone knows a small room can be visually expanded with the illuminating effect of light-colored walls. However, small rooms don’t have to be painted light, boring colors anymore. Dark walls can also make a room appear bigger by adding visual depth. Whether you choose a light or dark palette will ultimately depend on your personal tastes. If you’re gearing up to update your home’s interior painting in Oakland County MI, here are some color ideas for small rooms.

The Best Paint Colors for Small Rooms

Small Bedroom Colors

Your bedroom is your retreat and sanctuary from the stress of everyday life. Therefore, you should aim for soothing, tranquil colors that don’t excite the senses. Muted pastels like lilac, powder blue, or dove gray can inject color into a room and facilitate a relaxing atmosphere at the same time. If your small bedroom has a lot of windows, take advantage of the natural light with classic neutrals like white or beige, which will have a receding effect and expand the look of the room.

Small Living Room Colors

The living room will experience a lot of traffic in a given day. To match this energy, choose a bold, optimistic color like emerald green or sky blue for this interior painting task. Warm shades in the red and rust families are also good choices for brightening up a living room. If you want to visually expand a limited square footage, sticking to one color for all four walls will result in a pushed-out look, giving off the illusion of space.

If you see a living room as a place for relaxation, you might be better served with lighter neutrals and off-neutrals. Olive green, beige, taupe, and eggshell are some options that can update the look of your living room without being too overwhelming.

Small Hallway Colors

Due to their long and narrow design, hallways may be especially challenging for inside house painters. The best approach for painting a hallway depends on whether or not it has windows. A hallway with no windows can be visually illuminated with light-colored paint. Neutrals are always a safe bet. Butter yellow, mint green, or robin’s egg blue are some options that are slightly more interesting than a neutral shade. On the other hand, the presence of windows gives you the perfect chance to add drama with shades like maroon, navy blue, or storm gray.

Small Kitchen Colors

Kitchens are busy places by default, so it’s the ideal place for vibrant flashes of color. Choose lighter shades over darker ones to avoid creating a boxed-in effect. Try pairing jewel tones with white cabinets for a stylish, modern look. For a small kitchen that’s long and narrow, an accent wall in turquoise or grapefruit red can help widen the space.

Small Bathroom Colors

For the average home, the bathroom is typically the smallest room inside where house painters feel especially challenged. Light neutrals can add a crisp, clean finish to expand the boundaries of a small bathroom. Dark neutrals are just as effective, especially in a bathroom with no windows. A windowless bathroom has less residual light, so it’s one of the best places to try out the deepening effects of a darker color palette.

As you can see, there are a lot of factors to consider when you choose to paint a room a new color. Fortunately, you don’t have to do this alone. Consult a professional expert who can help you every step of the way, from picking out the right color to the act of painting itself. If your Oakland County MI home is ready for an update, reach out to the professionals at LRM Painting to schedule a convenient and obligation-free estimate.