Are you dreaming of a brand new kitchen? The kitchen may be the most important room in your house. It’s a nurturing place where family and friends congregate and everything smells good. The proverbial kitchen island is an essential element in most kitchens. For some families, it’s the dinner table. For others, it’s a community desk. This multifunctional space can serve as a makeshift home office or a convenient repository for everything you bring home. A Houzz 2021 Kitchen Trends Survey revealed that more than 40 percent of renovating homeowners are contrasting kitchen island paint colors with cabinet colors.

Our interior painters can help you reinvent your Oakland County MI kitchen the easy way. Cabinet painting and kitchen island painting can give you the dynamic you’re craving without the mess and inconvenience of painting the whole room. Depending on your preexisting color scheme, there is unlimited potential for a radical kitchen transformation using kitchen island painting alone. When you partner with LRM Painting, you can have your cake and eat it, too.

Benefits of Kitchen Island Painting

Painted kitchen islands are a great vehicle for expressing your personal style. It won’t cost you an arm and a leg, and it won’t turn your kitchen upside down. Rather than waiting days or weeks for a kitchen makeover to be completed, painting your kitchen island delivers almost instant results.

The first step in any successful painting project is always a detailed plan. Your painting contractor will consult with you about what you want to achieve and the best way for you to achieve it.

Classy Kitchen Island Colors to Express Your Unique Style

Kitchen islands come in all shapes and sizes. Some larger islands resemble built-in dining tables complete with upholstered stools and storage space. Others are smaller, condo-style mini-islands. If the scale of your island matches the scale of your kitchen, you can go in almost any direction with color.

If the scale of your island is disproportionate to your kitchen, you can use color to make it look smaller or larger. Although this presents a challenge, the results can look stunning if the work is completed properly. Think of different colors as broadcasting different frequencies. Researchers have already established that color has a profound effect on workplace performance. The energy you want to instill in your kitchen can be accomplished by working with colors that broadcast on the desired frequency.

Notwithstanding the infinity of shades to choose from, most people prefer accents in classic colors that never go out of style. Nearly 30 percent of people choose blue. Twenty percent want gray, and 10 percent pick white. Another 10 percent select black.

What follows below is a basic list of colors and the type of energy these colors generate:


When considering interior paint colors, most of us think of pastels. However, if you want something dynamic, pastels may not cut the mustard. Some designers even disapprove of red. Nevertheless, if you want to make a splash, no color does it better than red.

This powerful and energetic color is best used sparingly and with a neutral backdrop. Otherwise, it can quickly become overpowering. Used judiciously, red can make your kitchen island the star of the show. Passionate red delights the eye. It can be many things, but it’s never boring. Use with care.


Mossy green accents give your kitchen a dramatic look that’s not as bold as black. Impressive but laid back, green is associated with sustainability, money, renewal, vitality and new growth. Deep green accents can make your kitchen feel like a safe haven. This color has a rustic charm and generates a feeling of security.


Deeper blues represent royalty and authority. Lighter blues are associated with the ocean. Coastal blues inspire calm, peace, relaxation, harmony and serenity. Dark, rich blues convey strength and stability. Royal blue is associated with order and organization.

Navy has the distinct advantage of working well with almost every other color with few exceptions. Regardless of your present kitchen color scheme, navy will almost always be a striking addition. This accent color practically guarantees fabulous results.


Although you might not think so, gray can pack a decent punch on a kitchen island, especially when you contrast a darker gray with pale walls. Conversely, pale gray accents can give white walls and kitchen cabinets a subtle new dimension. Slate gray is a stylish anchor for sunny yellow and bright red.


Many homeowners are afraid to decorate with black. In fact, black is an excellent kitchen island or kitchen cabinet accent color because it doesn’t add energy or subtract it. Instead, black highlights what’s already there and amplifies it. Imagine diamonds on a bed of black velvet. No one notices the black, but without it, the diamonds would lose some of their sparkle. Black is the only color on the planet that goes with absolutely everything.

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