The upkeep of rental property involves a lot of trade-offs. You are always trying to do what is best to make the unit pleasant and attractive to the best prospective tenants in Oakland County MI, but you are also trying to keep the budget on track. It can be difficult to decide when it’s a good investment to do some work and when you’re better off waiting.

Putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls is often necessary as occupants come and go. If you have a unit coming open soon, think about these points as you try to decide whether to paint.

When is a Good Time to Paint Your Rental Home?

Good paint will provide you with many years of beauty under normal circumstances, but some factors can shorten that time. Professional house painters know that tobacco smoke is a very common reason for a property to require new paint. It leaves behind both stains and an odor that must be sealed with primer and then painted over.

Kids are more likely to scratch walls and may scribble on them with markers or crayons. Some of these can be removed with a Magic Eraser, but others will require new primer and paint. Kitchens always have grease stains, so a layer of primer and paint will be necessary there. Think about the unique demands placed on your property as you think about which rooms can’t wait for paint.

Why Paint?

It’s usually best to err on the side of repainting. Painting is not expensive, and painters in my area can get it done quickly and safely to get the property back on the market quickly.

Tenants will be impressed when you’ve invested in room painting services, and the new occupants will stay longer, helping defray the cost of the paint.

What Type of Paint Is Best for Rentals?

There is almost no limit on how much you can spend on paint. The most expensive products professional house painters can get will give you a beautiful, long-lasting look. On the flip side, very cheap paint will not impress your tenants with its appearance and durability, and you’ll soon see them moving to someplace that looks less run-down.

No matter what paint you use, there will still be stains and damage when the unit is empty. No room ever looks as good without furniture as it does with it, so remember that as you look into room painting services. A good strategy is to go with a paint grade somewhere in the middle, one that’s not a bargain basement product but also not a premium line. This will usually get you a good look without breaking the bank.

Semi-gloss is typically the best finish. It will tolerate gentle cleaning but still has some shine. Regardless of the finish, be sure to apply primer first. This will give a more uniform surface for the final coat and will help keep stains from pushing through to the surface. Stay away from white or any bold color. These palettes may clash with the bedding and décor brought in by tenants, discouraging them from choosing your rental. Strong colors will also be harder to mask when the next paint job is done.

Prioritize the Right Rooms

The busiest rooms in the home are those that draw the eyes of potential tenants. Specifically, they will usually go straight to the kitchen and the bathrooms. If those rooms are clean, functional, and attractive, your odds of landing a quality tenant improve dramatically.

That’s why you should start with these rooms during a repainting job. If you don’t have the time or money to do other rooms, you will still do yourself some good by painting the kitchen and bathrooms. Décor often covers the imperfections of walls in the hallway, bedrooms, and living areas, but kitchens and bathrooms are brightly lit and have unforgiving stains of hair spray, soap, and food.

With the approach of spring, many tenants will be exploring Oakland County MI for new places to live. It’s important to get your property shaped up now so that these seekers will put your property high on their list. Our team at LRM Painting can help you assess your need for paint and get the job done for you quickly, professionally, and affordably. Let us work with you to get your residential rental property ready for its next new occupants. Give us a call today to plan your painting.