Repainting rooms in your home different colors can turn your living spaces into more enjoyable areas. Whether you spend a lot of time at home or only a few hours each day, it is important to make your home a place that you enjoy in every way. Fresh paint and redecorating can make you fall in love with different rooms in your home again.

At LRM Painting, our Oakland County MI interior painters can help you transform a room into an office, a nursery or something else. If you need a painting contractor to simply reapply a fresh coat of paint, we can also handle that. Did you know that paint colors can create physical and emotional effects? These are some of the psychology secrets behind popular paint color choices.


Known as the color of royalty throughout history, purple is a color that commands respect and attention. It is versatile as an interior paint color. In darker shades, it creates feelings of boldness, confidence and inspiration. Dark purple and royal purple have a distinguished sophistication, making them good choices for dining rooms and other social rooms for entertaining. Lighter tints, such as pastel purple or lavender, are good for bedrooms, laundry rooms and play rooms. The softer look of light purple is inspiring but also exudes calmness.


The ultimate choice for creating a cool feeling and encouraging tranquility is blue. Light blue can be cheery and create calm feelings, but a very dark or grayish blue can worsen feelings of depression for some people. Darker blue can make a room feel cooler. Studies show that blue can reduce blood pressure, heart rate and aggressive tendencies. It is a good choice for the bedroom of a child who has too much energy or displays aggressive behaviors. Since it reduces anxiety and helps people feel calm, it is a good choice for bedrooms and bathrooms.


According to research, green has been shown to boost reading abilities in children. It is also one of the most soothing colors in terms of aesthetics. This makes it one of the most versatile color choices. Light green is calming and can help reduce feelings of anxiety. Lighter tints are great for bedrooms, guest rooms, offices and children’s rooms. Darker green can also be calming in muted colors. Royal green and forest green are good colors for social rooms and dining rooms, adding a touch of elegance without being too bold.


Yellow is the pinnacle of excellence for creating a sunny look or a cheerier feeling in a room. It is an energizing color and helps people feel more awake. Because of this, it is not a great choice for a child’s room or a bedroom. However, it is ideal for kitchens, dining rooms, play rooms, sun porches and entertaining rooms. Lighter tints can add softness to a room, and a bright yellow can create a bold statement.


Another energizing color, orange is a good choice for rooms where socializing takes place. Studies show that it can improve communication abilities, which makes it a good choice for a dining room, a kitchen or a play room that children use during day hours. Because it is energizing like other brighter colors, it may not be ideal for a bedroom and may make it harder to sleep.


Like yellow and orange, red is not a good bedroom color. It is better for social rooms, such as dining rooms or kitchens. Although it is good for some entertaining rooms, it may not be ideal for a game room. It has been shown to boost feelings of aggression and increases energy. It can also increase heart rate and blood pressure because of the feelings it creates. A darker red may be good for living rooms or dining rooms. For example, wine or burgundy can make a room look luxurious, warm and energizing.


Pink is a color that children often love, but they may outgrow it quickly. It can be great in a home office or a play room since it creates feelings of inspiration, empathy and compassion. Lighter tints create a soft and soothing look. Light or pastel pink is great for a nursery or a small child’s room. Older children may prefer a brighter pink, which inspires feelings of boldness and creates a fun look.

Finding a Painting Contractor in Oakland County MI

There are plenty of other interior paint options as well. Perhaps you like classic white, want a striking black contrast wall or prefer a shade of gray. Our interior painters are here to turn your ideas into a beautiful reality. Whether you are redecorating the interior to suit your own needs or want to repaint to attract potential buyers, our interior painters are ready to help. We take pride in being a trusted local painting contractor, and we have the experience and track record to show it.

LRM Painting is dedicated to top-notch customer service and quality work. We treat your family, your home and you with the respect you deserve. Rest assured that we are a fully insured and licensed painting contractor. Our team will be happy to consult with you on paint colors, your scheduling needs and more. We work efficiently without cutting corners, finishing projects on schedule and on budget. Please call us for a free quote for interior painting in Oakland County MI.