Most Oakland County MI inhabitants understand how effective a good paint job can be when it comes to setting a mood in an indoor space. Selecting a paint with the right sheen for a room is the key to evoking the right feel. Here’s a brief overview of the paint options available.


A so-called “flat” paint has the least sheen of any paint on the market. This means that it doesn’t reflect much if any light from both natural and artificial sources. As a result, it’s a great choice if you want to cover up defects in the drywall that are otherwise easy to see.

For the most part, flat paint is best used in rooms that don’t see a lot of foot traffic. Bedrooms, libraries and dens work well with flat paint since most people like soft light in those spaces. Any area where there’s the likelihood of water splashing around shouldn’t be adorned with flat paint.


Much like flat paint, matte paint has very little sheen and thus reflects very little light. Generally speaking, matte paints are a little bit glossier than flat paints. In some cases, a flat paint produced by one manufacturer may appear to be identical to a matte paint produced by another.

A professional painting contractor will typically recommend applying matte paints to the walls and ceilings of dining rooms and closets. Furthermore, most home painting experts will tell you that matte paint is a bad choice if you anticipate the need to clean painted surfaces frequently. Nevertheless, matte paint is an economical choice for large surfaces.


While eggshell paints may resemble matte or flat alternatives, they’re much more resistant to dings and scrapes. Eggshell paint reflects more light than matte paint without being overly glossy. The great thing about an eggshell paint is that it can conceal minor flaws in the walls and deliver a fantastic look at a great price.

To the typical painting contractor, an eggshell finish is the Swiss army knife of paint sheens. While it doesn’t reflect a ton of light, it does manage to brighten up spaces as long as there’s proper illumination in the room. Eggshell paints work particularly well on wood surfaces like beadboard and door or window trim.


A satin finish can cover up moderate wall scratches while providing a level of gloss that far surpasses that of an eggshell sheen. Satin paints are often described as “pearly” by homeowners once they’ve dried completely. A really good satin paint reflects a decent amount of light without being too reflective.

Due to its middle-of-the-road durability, satin paint is a good choice if you want a brighter atmosphere in areas where there’s the need to clean the walls occasionally. Satin paint is a great option for bathrooms and laundry rooms as long as water outlets aren’t extremely close to wood or drywall.


A semi-gloss paint is quite clearly different from other paints with lower levels of sheen like eggshell. While it doesn’t bounce light around like a high-gloss paint, semi-gloss paint is nevertheless pretty reflective. A good semi-gloss paint can really lighten up any area regardless of how much natural light comes in via windows.

At a bare minimum, semi-gloss paint works really well with trim like crown molding and door casing in any room. As far as walls go, semi-gloss paint is a great choice if you want a lot of reflectivity in kitchens. Any room that experiences elevated moisture levels can benefit from semi-gloss paint.


High-gloss paint is tough as nails as long as it’s applied over the right primer. It’s so durable that even bumping heavy furniture against it isn’t always enough to produce a gouge in the walls. The sheen of high-glass paint makes colors appear more vibrant. Lastly, high-gloss paint is easy to clean.

Ultimately, high-gloss paints can be used in any room as long as you can handle their freakish ability to reflect light. High-gloss paint is perfect for bathrooms, laundry rooms and conservatories. The only problem with high-gloss paint is that it will highlight even the smallest imperfections in surfaces if you use light colors.

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Picking the right paint finish or sheen is far more important than picking the right color. This makes all the difference when it comes to making paint last a long time and creating a great mood in any room. Applying the perfect paint to a wall, floor or ceiling is another matter entirely.

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