Home paint color trends change over the years. Most houses can go several years between paint jobs, but you might need to think about switching things up if it has been awhile since you last painted your house. Painting a house is an inexpensive way to spruce up your house, whether you want to sell it or are just wanting to enjoy your living space more. This year’s hottest color trends are nature-inspired and are easy to implement throughout your home decorating scheme.

Soften the Space With Earth Tones

Beige still remains a classic color for home painting, but you may want to ask your painting contractor about other earth tones that can create specific moods. Darker neutral shades are a hit right now, and people are currently painting accent walls navy blue, dark brown and even black. If you do go with beige, try mixing things up by going with a shade that has pink undertones. Blush beige is beautiful in areas where you want a hint of color without going too far. Honey straw is another color that toes the line between yellow and light brown. Use this color for interior painting jobs that need a neutral color with a huge impact. Craft corners, home offices and a child’s room are all fun places to add a pop of golden paint.

Spice It Up With Bold Food-Inspired Hues

Earthy tones have long been a staple for home paint color palettes, and you can bet that Sierra tan and stormy gray will continue to serve as go-to neutral shades for a long time. Yet, bright and bold colors also help you to spice things up in ways that add interest to your home. Right now, the best culinary colors are those that generate a sense of excitement through their visual appeal.

Chili pepper red has a deep hue that is guaranteed to capture attention, and it works great in kitchens and other parts of your home where you want to add a sense of energy. A bold red front door also makes a statement that doubles as a warm welcome. Turmeric orange is another bright color that adds a cheery touch to a kid’s playroom or sunroom. Try pairing bold orange shades with airy yellow trim to create a sunny place for your friends and family to gather.

Think Moody and Edgy

As you check out the 2020 color palette, you’ll also notice a few throwbacks to Victorian times. Steel blue and gunmetal gray shades are being used to create a moody, dramatic effect in gathering rooms and home offices. These edgy hues seem to change throughout the day, with them appearing lighter as the sun rays beam through the window. By nightfall, the colors appear darker, which gives you an easy way to play with the ambiance in a room.

Go Green

The new year is all about freshness and being one with nature. Bright green might not be your first thought for a paint color, but there are many subtle shades of this color that work well throughout your home. Sage green plays on the trend for culinary-spired colors, and it generates a sense of serenity and calm. Mint green is another trendy shade that people are using in nurseries and kitchens to inspire a sense of nature with a nostalgic twist. Moss green is another color to explore for adding a fresh look to the exterior of your home.

Make Waves with Natural Blues

One only needs to look towards the sky and the sea to find the trendiest blue tones. If it looks like it came from nature, then you can bet that its going to look beautiful on your walls. The classic sky blue has been given an icy twist that makes it easy to brighten up smaller rooms and accent places that need a lighter touch of paint. Blue gray is a relaxing tone that is showing up in bathrooms where it gives a spa-like feeling without being overwhelming. Sapphire blue is another color that makes a statement wherever you put it. Try using darker blues for huge rooms and those with vaulted ceilings to create a cozier sense of space.

Play With Small Areas for a Huge Impact

In the past, people often went with one main color and slathered it all over their house. While this technique does help to generate a feeling of continuity, the 2020 trends are all about mixing things up. Try painting the wall behind your bed in the master bedroom a bold, neutral shade that emphasizes your fine taste in colors.

Bathrooms are also a popular place to find people experimenting with the trendiest colors. Softened greens, muted blues and bright yellows can all generate a different ambiance, depending upon how you use them. These areas are also small enough that some of the boldest colors can be used without feeling too overpowering. If you aren’t sure of a color, the bathroom is also one of the easiest places to repaint in your home. This makes it a go-to spot for people who want to add color to their home a little at a time.

After painting the rest of the room in a neutral shade, you can also play with coloring the trim around the windows and doors. Deep sea blue is one trim color that works amazingly against other neutral shades that fall within the same color group. Contrast is also big right now, so feel free to play with using a warm color on a cool colored background. Doing something unexpected is a great way to show of your creativity.

Take It Outside

When you hire a home painter, you also want to talk about the options that are available for updating the exterior of your house. Minor changes to the exterior color scheme pay off with increased curb appeal that can raise the value of your home. In addition to the usual exterior walls and trim, you can try out one of the coolest colors of the year on your garage door. For this to look great, try to stick within the same color palette and keep the rest of the colors fairly neutral. You’ll love being able to drive up and see your home’s main focal point looking inviting with this season’s most beautiful hues.

The time is now to give your house a fresh look with inspiring colors that make your home more inviting. Our experienced professionals treat every project with the highest level of care. From prepping the surface to only using quality paint, we know how to give you the results that you want.

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