Painting your home is the quickest and least expensive way to bring it up to date without undergoing a full remodel. This is especially true if you choose the right paint color to complement your grand design. You should never choose a color for your home’s decor that contrasts with your personal style or the existing style.

If you want something new and contemporary, consider some paint colors expected to be popular in the coming years. Top paint companies like Behr and Sherwin-Williams have predicted the most popular colors for 2023. If you want to give your home a new look in Oakland County MI, make sure you choose the right painting contractor to paint your home according to your perfect design. Here are some of the popular 2023 colors.

Sherwin-Williams Names Redend Point As Their 2023 Color

After much anticipation and speculation, Sherwin-Williams has finally revealed Redend Point as their choice for the 2023 Color of the Year for their HGTV Home brand. Redend Point is a beautiful new color that perfectly blends pink and beige.

This elegant shade will surely add warmth and a touch of class to any space. Sherwin-Williams’ current color palette includes earthy, even ones that can serve as a custom solution for various design options.

Pantone Chooses Viva Magenta

Pantone has chosen the color Viva Magenta as the color of the year. The color Viva Magenta is known for its bravery and daring. This striking hue is inspired by nature and belongs to the red color family.

This brand-new red exudes boundless zeal and encourages unrestricted introspection and outward expression of one’s distinct identity. The color, Viva Magenta, is intended to stand out wherever it is used, including in your home.

Pink is already popular in fashion and cosmetics and is only now making its way into interior design. Viva Magenta will stand out, making it an excellent choice for adding a splash of vivacious color to items. If you want to be even bolder, use hot pink as a statement wall or in your furniture’s upholstery.

Behr Selects Blank Canvas

Blank Canvas’ selection by Behr can be the first step in two directions: a bright future or the soothing monochrome neutrality popular in contemporary organic modern interiors. Despite its perplexing name, Blank Canvas is a brighter and warmer version of classic white that can stand independently.

Benjamin Moore Chooses Raspberry Blush

Benjamin Moore has chosen Raspberry Blush as the company’s Color of the Year for 2023. The color Raspberry Blush is a cheerful coral with pink undertones. The color is eye-catching and will make a great statement in the space you have available. You have complete control over the tone of the communication, so you can use this color as a one-of-a-kind accent or paint an entire room.

Glidden Settles on Vining Ivy

Vining Ivy’s soothing blue and green hues are currently trendy, as are items that appear to have originated in nature. The color of the year for 2023, according to Glidden Paint by PPG, is a timeless neutral that complements both traditional and contemporary decor. It works almost everywhere and is both energizing and relaxing. Because of the adaptability of design, it has become less risky, giving customers more time to focus on what is most important.

If you want to create a natural-looking interior design, combine the blue-green jewel tone with rich textures, stone accents, and wood finishes. Reduce the amount of Vining Ivy paint used on the trim, furniture, and cabinets to reduce the color’s visibility.

Dulux Names Wild Wonder

Dulux has named Wild Wonder as their Color of the Year for 2023. Wild Wonder’s yellow hue will make it easier to create the illusion of bringing nature indoors. The phrase Wild Wonder describes the sensation of being at one with one’s surroundings while in the wilderness. Dulux’s 2023 color trends center on Wild Wonder, and the company has chosen four natural-hued color palettes to complement it.

Dunn-Edwards Chooses Terra Rosa

Dunn-Edwards’ selection of Terra Rosa as the Color of the Year for 2023 is a welcome change of pace after burgundies and browns. Terra Rosa has been greatly influenced by modern culture, way of life, and fashion. Individuals who wear cinnamon-red feel safe, creative, and confident. Scorched earth can make a bold statement as an accent, a wall covering, or even the primary color on the exterior of your home.

Dutch Boy Announce Rustic Greige

Rustic Greige serves as the choice of the Dutch Boy because it induces a sense of calm and coziness. The neutral color works well in any house room and instantly lifts your spirits. Rustic Greige can combine the Plush palette’s cool, subdued hues, the Wistful palette’s retro-vibrant hues, and the Botanic palette’s warm, natural hues. Colors in the palettes Wistful, Retro, and Botanic are complementary.

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