Do you think your home needs fresh paint? One telltale sign that your home needs painting is that the paint is peeling. However, there are many other signs too. As a general rule, you should paint your house every 5-6 years. Though a home may still look nice after this time has passed, it’s still a good idea to check for certain issues with the exterior of your home.

Signs Your Home’s Exterior Should be Repainted

You should keep your home exterior looking fresh and neat. Curb appeal is one big thing potential buyers look at when deciding to purchase a home. Guests to your home will also notice your home’s exterior before they have even set foot inside your house. If you want to impress guests and potential buyers, keep your home freshly painted by calling on exterior painters for help.

Other than aesthetics, another good reason to keep your house freshly painted is functionality. It’s simple: your house needs paint to protect it against certain elements, such as rainwater, harsh sunlight and snowfall.

So, how can you tell your house needs new paint? Read on for a few telltale signs, which are brought to you via expert contractors.

Your Paint is Faded

Faded paint is an obvious side-effect of exposure to weather damage. Harsh elements cause paint to lose its glossiness. Once paint fades, this is a sign that the paint isn’t doing its job of protecting your home.

So, if your house’s paint color is no longer as vibrant as it needs to be, it’s time to repaint it. Not only will new paint help protect against harsh weather, but it will also make your home look better, newer, and fresher.

Your Paint Color is Outdated

As time passes, new paint styles and popular colors emerge. At some point, you may simply look at your home and realize you’re tired of seeing the same color on the siding. Or, you may decide that the color of your bricks looks a bit old-fashioned. Though nothing is physically wrong with the paint, you can still decide to repaint for aesthetic reasons only. You should also keep in mind that paint colors aren’t permanent. If you’d like to try a new paint color every few years, then go for it!

There are several other aesthetic reasons to change colors, too. For instance, you may enjoy your pink and purple home exterior, but these colors may not be as appealing to potential buyers. Therefore, if you’re putting your home on the market you may want to repaint it using subtle and neutral colors, such as white, grey or tan. Our expert residential painting contractor can help you choose colors that complement your home’s style and landscaping.

Your Paint Cracks, Peels or Bubbles

If your home’s exterior paint has started peeling, bubbling or cracking, this is both an obvious sign and an urgent sign that new paint is necessary.

Bubbling can appear due to mold or wood rot, which is a significant underlying problem. If your paint peels off or cracks, the wood or other material beneath it is vulnerable to rain and other elements. This makes your home more susceptible to developing mildew, rot or mold. Wood left unpainted also chips away easier. If your home has damaged existing paint, call us for help with repainting it.

You Have Mildew or Water Stains

In many cases, you can use a pressure washer to clear away mildew and moisture stains. Some stains are so superficial that they can be simply wiped away with a cloth.

However, in some cases water stains and mildew are signs of a much more serious problem. For instance, if you struggle to remove a spot, you should seek professional help. Our exterior painters have seen everything from wood damage to mildew. We can find the underlying cause(s) of the mildew or the stains. Catching the problem early will help ensure that more damage isn’t done over time. Our exterior painting company can repaint your home to help minimize further damage.

Your Home’s Exterior Has Chalky Residue

Chalky residue may not always be noticeable on your home. However, there are several things you can do to check for residue. For starters, run either your hand or a dark cloth over your home’s exterior paint. If a chalk-like residue is found, this is a sign that your house should be repainted. The chalky film was formed as the paint binder deteriorated over time. The binder loses hold of the paint’s pigment as a result of damage caused by water and sunlight. The chalk-like appearance makes your home look worn and faded. It also causes paint discoloration and erosion. If you find this chalky residue on your home, call us. Our residential painting contractor can give you professional advice.

Your Home Has Wood Damage or Stucco Damage

Your home’s paint helps protect the house from weather damage. However, no amount of paint will protect your house forever. Cracks in a home’s wood, stucco or drywall are quite common. These types of issues require professional help to treat them. Our exterior painting company can assess your home’s damage and advise you on what to do to fix the problem.

For instance, cracks would need to be filled, and some of your home’s building materials might need replacing. LRM Painting can advise you on how to get these things fixed, and of course we can repaint the home for you.

Overall, you should keep in mind that every type of paint has a regular lifespan. In most cases, a home needs repainting every 5-6 years. If you repaint every five years or so, you reduce the risk of having your home develop major issues, such as rot or weather damage. Repainting your home also makes the exterior look fresh and increases curb appeal.

If you think your home needs repainting, contact us. One of our professional, home painting experts can discuss your specific needs in Macomb County MI. We can advise you on styles and paint colors. Call us today. We’re happy to assist you!