Choosing the right paint colors for your home can be stressful, especially if you are painting a room as important as a nursery. Home interior paint colors strongly impact our psychology and can easily affect our mood. When painting a nursery, you want to make a choice that will help your little one to be as calm and relaxed as possible. At LRM Painting in Oakland County MI, we want to help you understand your options so you can easily make the best color choices for creating the right energy and mood in your home.

Soft Blues

Light shades of blue like baby blue or periwinkle encourage a calm and peaceful feeling. These feelings even translate to physical effects like lower blood pressure and a lower heart rate. This makes light blues a great color choice for you and your baby, as a relaxing color will have your baby sleeping better and remaining calmer. However, be sure to choose a lighter blue as darker colors will encourage more energy.


Lavender is also a very tranquil color that encourages calm and relaxed emotions. Purple is also associated with wisdom and strength, making lavender a soothing yet influential choice in a nursery. Again, try to avoid a darker lavender that moves toward a dark purple as it will have a bolder effect. Purple colors usually appear darker on the wall, so consider choosing a lavender that is as light as possible.

Light Greens

Light greens like mint green provide another excellent option for creating a relaxing space for your baby. As the color of trees and nature, green is also associated with health and well-being, promoting an overall positive mindset and mental health. Exposure to green is even helpful for concentration and can improve a child’s reading ability. All in all, the benefits make light green a safe choice.

Tape Your Pattern Carefully

If you want to add a pattern or style to your paint choice, be sure to use tape to create straight and consistent lines and shapes. Inconsistency and disorganization in the room can have a negative impact on one’s psychology. Fortunately, a professional painter can make this process smooth and simple.

Ultimately, the decision on the best color for your nursery is up to you. Psychology plays a large role in what paint colors can be beneficial and relaxing, but once you understand the options available, you should choose the color that you find most appealing and think your baby will respond well to. If you have more questions about choosing the right paint color for your nursery or home painting, you can find help.

Receive Quality House Painting

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