The exterior paint on a home plays a big part in what people think of it. If the paint is attractive and in good shape, it can look impressive. This is especially beneficial if you are trying to sell the home, offer it as a vacation rental or simply make it the envy of the neighborhood. However, if the paint is peeling, faded or unattractive, it can deter potential buyers, renters and even guests. When your home’s exterior paint is in good condition and is a color you love, it can make you feel more content and help you enjoy your property more. Knowing when you need exterior painting is the key. If any of these points apply to you, it is time to call a painting contractor in Chesterfield Township.

Cracking or Chipping Paint

Whenever paint is bubbling, peeling, cracking or chipping, it means you need to repaint the exterior as soon as possible. There may be mold, mildew or moisture damage under the paint if it is bubbling. If it is cracking, there may be cracks in the siding as well. This often happens with stucco or similar materials. Paint can chip or peel if there are problems with the siding. Additionally, it can be a result of improper preparation before painting. For example, if you just moved into a house last year and the paint is now chipping, it may be because the previous owner painted over a dirty surface or painted over peeling paint. Also, pay attention to painted trim. Termites, carpenter bees and other pests can destroy trim. Moisture can also damage it and cause the wood to warp and the paint to look damaged.

Stained Paint

There are several things that can cause stains. Most of them will come off the siding with pressure washing. If there is a lot of mildew or mold, a professional may recommend a power wash, which involves hot water instead of cold water. It helps kill the bacteria. However, if stains that look like moisture damage do not come off, it is time to have a professional clean, prepare and repaint the exterior.

Faded Paint

Michigan’s climate makes homes susceptible to paint damage. Wind, rain, snow, hail, sun and freezing temperatures can all be hard on exterior paint. Fading is a common problem. When paint starts to fade, even if it does not chip, it is still time for new paint. Fading happens when the paint starts to lose some of its protective abilities, which means that not painting it promptly leaves your siding vulnerable to damage.

Dusty Paint

You may notice that your home has a white and dusty appearance on the outside. It may be easier to notice after it rains and the siding dries. If you touch the siding, you may notice that there is a chalklike residue on your hand. This happens when paint ages and breaks down. As the paint loses its ability to retain the pigment, the result is a chalky consistency. It will eventually start coming off, so it is a smart idea to call a painting contractor when you notice this problem.

Ugly or Outdated Colors

Not all people request outside house painting because of paint damage. In some cases, the paint is in great condition. However, when the color makes you unhappy, it is a good time to repaint. Many people simply choose to change the color if they recently picked a trendy color and are tired of it, if they just moved into a home that they do not like the color of or if they want to repaint the home a certain color to attract buyers or tenants. If any of these reasons apply to you, exterior painting can help you achieve your goals.

Old Paint

In most cases, professionals recommend that homeowners give their siding a fresh coat of paint every five or six years. This is not a strict rule. With some homes, the paint may last longer. It may only last a few years if the siding was not properly prepared or if there was other damage. If you cannot remember the last time your home was painted, and the paint is still in decent shape, contact a professional to see if it is time to repaint. In many cases, repainting can be beneficial to prevent problems before they start developing.

Outside House Painting in Chesterfield Twp MI

When it is time to schedule your exterior painting project, LRM Painting is happy to serve you. We have handled many types of outdoor painting projects and have years of experience with painting the exterior surfaces of homes. With our friendly and professional team of tradesmen, you can rest assured that your project will be done on time and without going over your budget. We take the time to learn about your needs and visions for your home’s exterior. Also, our team knows how to select the precise colors you need.

Our painters do their best to accommodate your scheduling needs and minimize interruptions to your daily life. We understand that you do not want a project to last for weeks, which is why we use the latest equipment and technologies to finish efficiently without cutting corners. Our team will be happy to consult with you on color choices, scheduling and anything else you need. Please contact LRM Painting for a free estimate on outside house painting in Chesterfield Twp MI.