As a homeowner’s association (HOA) manager in Macomb County MI, you want to provide your residents with housing that’s safe, comfortable, and appealing. To meet those goals, a clean and sanitary building is a must.

Fortunately, there’s an easy, affordable, and effective way to get your property as clean as could be: hiring a professional pressure washer. Note that, in many cases, a painting contractor will also do pressure washes.

Let’s take a closer look at this amazing process: what it involves and how it could transform your condo complex, multifamily home, or other HOA residence.

The Unique Advantages of Pressure Washes

A pressure wash offers two major benefits: curb appeal and a hygienic environment.

Your building exterior will sparkle immediately after such a wash. Your residents might be amazed when they come home and see the place shining and shimmering in the sunlight. They’ll surely feel proud to live there.

In fact, a pressure wash can get rid of the stubbornest stains imaginable: grime, oil, algae, and more. It would be very difficult, if not impossible, to remove such stains just by scrubbing them. And, once they’ve vanished, the effect will be really noticeable.

On the other hand, if you let your HOA exteriors look increasingly faded and dirty, your tenants will probably feel disappointed. They might start looking around for a new place to live, a residence that offers better upkeep and thus better value for the money.

Beyond your HOA community’s appearance, there’s the vital issue of protecting people’s health. Because a pressure wash can penetrate exterior surfaces so deeply, it eliminates all kinds of contaminants.

For example, microorganisms such as bacteria, many of them potentially harmful, will be destroyed. Likewise, molds, mildews, and other fungi will be eradicated. Of course, some fungi can cause respiratory problems in certain people.

In the same way, a pressure wash will instantly remove inorganic particles like dirt, soot, and paint. Without these materials lingering, your residents can breathe purer air.

What a Pressure Wash Entails

When a qualified professional takes care of a pressure wash, the process is nontoxic, fast, and thorough. It’s an inexpensive procedure as well. In fact, no other outdoor cleaning technique combines the safety, speed, affordability, and potency of pressure washing.

A pressure wash involves a machine that blasts a powerful stream of water. That spray can clean expansive surface areas with practically no danger of damage.

Decks, patios, pathways, driveways, sidewalks, and siding can all be pressure washed in mere moments. And, with the help of a special wand, a pressure wash machine can also clean delicate items like roofs and gutters.

Naturally, this equipment requires a pro’s expertise. It’s easy for that intense spray of water to miss its target. Even if it’s just slightly off, a misguided stream can break windows and other objects.

Worse, if that spray were to accidently strike someone — perhaps the person using the machine — it could cause serious injuries.

Also, as a word of warning, be careful not to hire someone to do a power wash unless you’re sure that’s what you need. It’s easy to confuse the terms “pressure wash” and “power wash,” and some people think that they’re the same. After all, both techniques call for spraying water at an intense velocity.

However, the water that’s used in power washing is heated. In many instances, using this hot water is safe. And it’s especially helpful against certain substances: sea salt accumulations, for instance, or thick layers of grease.

Hot water can harm building materials that are more fragile, though. Not to mention, in the vast majority of cases, pressure washing works just as well as power washing.

In the end, a pressure wash should save you considerable time, labor, and money. Think of how many hours and how much work it takes just to clean your gutters!

Plus, different contaminants can lead to costly maintenance issues. For instance, molds and mildews can cause wood to decompose at a faster rate, which could damage your porches, outdoor steps, wooden handrails, and so forth. You won’t have to replace these elements nearly as often when you rely on pressure wash services.

Pressure Washes from LRM Painting

If you live in or near Macomb County MI, we at LRM Painting can take care of all your pressure wash needs. We’ve been in business for more than 15 years, and we offer residential painting, commercial painting, carpentry, and drywall repair in addition to pressure washing.

Our team is as dedicated and conscientious as any you’ll find. Everyone here is fully insured and licensed. We can work under the most challenging conditions. And we always finish our assignments on budget and on time.

In addition, our employees are friendly and considerate, and we’d be happy to walk you through the steps of a pressure wash, including the safety protocols. In short order, your property will be as sanitary as it’s ever been.

Please feel free to contact us to consult about scheduling and other pressure wash details. We’d look forward to servicing your HOA community.