Repainting your home’s interior is the perfect way to freshen up the décor and to modernize your space. With quality home painting services in Oakland County MI, you can transform your space with a beautiful color palette that reflects your sense of style and that sets the desired ambiance. Regardless of the home interior paint colors that you select, it makes sense to hire a team of professional painters to do the work for you. At LRM Painting, our painters have the expertise and modern equipment that are necessary to create the impact you are dreaming about.

Why Choose Professional Home Painting Services?

The benefits of fresh paint throughout your home are tremendous, but you do not need to spend long hours for many weekends to enjoy spectacular results. Our painters are available to do the hard work for you. Whether you have plans to liven up your space with bold hues or to create a peaceful space with tranquil colors, our painters can bring your vision to life. Are you wondering which home interior paint colors are popular in homes in Oakland County MI in 2022? These are a few lovely shades to consider for your next home painting project.

Gray Green

Green made the list of top paint colors for 2021, and it continues to be a standout option for 2022. This year, green with the hint of a gray undertone can bring an earthy element into your space. A soothing, misty color would look breathtaking in your home. With many tones in this shade to choose from for your home painting project, this is a color to seriously consider for one or more rooms.

Pale Peach

A room with a hint of peach on the walls creates a sense of happy optimism. More than that, it instills the space with energy. Pale peach may be the ideal way to set a lovely ambiance for a living area, a bathroom, a kitchen or other areas throughout the home. Quality house painting services completed by our team make it easy for you to enjoy the beauty of this hue without the hassle.

Beach Blue-Green

Beachy tones inspire serenity and bring an element of freshness into a space. For 2022, a beachy blue-green tone could be a wonderful option for your home painting project. While some hues in this spectrum have an airy feel that hints at sky blue colors, others have the deep yet tranquil feel of ocean water. Consider incorporating this color in your bedroom, kitchen or bathroom for a lovely impact.

Graphite Gray

Are you looking for a dramatic color that you can incorporate into your home painting project? A deep gray color can be offset by a cream or white hue, and the result will be a dramatic, mesmerizing depth that you will love. Quality house painting services can bring the richness of this color to life in your space.

Our Painters Get the Job Done to Your Satisfaction

Have you already selected the shades of paint that you want to incorporate into your home? These trendy options are only some of the many possibilities available to consider. Regardless of the paint colors selected, our painters are true experts who are available to transform one or more rooms in your home to your satisfaction. Do you need help selecting a stunning color palette for your space? Our team is happy to consult with you on colors. We want to give you a space that you love, and color selection is a major part of your satisfaction with the end results. We offer a complimentary color consultation to all of our customers.

LRM Painting is the Oakland County MI contractor that you can rely on for quality house painting services. From walls and trim to cabinets, doors and more, our home painting team has the equipment and skills required to do beautiful work in your home. We are committed to giving you a space that you are proud to call home, and this begins with the selection of interior paint colors that set the right tone in your space. To request a color consultation with us and to discuss the schedule for your home painting project, contact our office today.