One of the fastest-growing interior paint trends this year in Michigan is chalkboard paint. It is a great solution for parents who are frustrated about cleaning pencil or marker scribbles off the walls or furniture, and it gives kids the freedom to draw on a larger surface without damaging anything. If you are interested in chalkboard paint for your home in Oakland County, the interior painters at LRM Painting can turn your ideas into reality.

How Chalkboard Paint Works

As its name suggests, chalkboard paint is a special type of paint that creates a surface similar to a chalkboard’s or a blackboard’s surface. For the paint to adhere properly and last as long as possible, the surface that will be painted must be primed with the right type of primer. Professional painters have a thorough understanding of substrates and the right methods for applying paint to last as long as possible.

Once the paint is completely dry, it is ready for your kids to start drawing on and making memories for you. When you are ready to erase the current drawings, you can clean away the chalk with a little water and a soft cloth. As long as you do not use chemicals or staining markers on it, the chalkboard paint will last longer.

Uses for Chalkboard Paint

There are plenty of places where you can use chalkboard paint. The most common choice is on interior walls. Parents often choose chalkboard paint for a wall in a child’s bedroom. If you do not want to limit your child to just one wall, you can paint every wall in the room. Some parents choose to only paint a portion of a wall as a designated doodling area.

Another common place for a chalkboard wall is in a playroom or a family room. You can use one wall as a doodle area to keep kids entertained and give them a space that is theirs to express their creativity. You can paint walls in any room of the house. For example, if you spend most of your time working at home in the living room and want to keep your kids busy in the same room where you can watch them, you may decide to paint part of a wall in the living room with chalkboard paint.

Some people also choose to paint furniture with chalkboard paint. In addition to being a fun activity for kids, it is a creative idea for adults who like signs and chalkboard decorations. You can paint smooth dressers, bookcases, toyboxes, nightstands, wooden chairs and other furniture pieces with chalkboard paint. If you also paint the walls in a child’s room, you can give the child the freedom to draw any decorative theme or mixture of themes. If your kids frequently change the themes they are obsessed about, this is a good way to let them redecorate without spending a fortune on new merchandise.

Blocks and other surfaces can also be painted with chalkboard paint. Perhaps your child has a large set of wooden blocks that are rarely used. If you want to create fun learning activities at home, you can have the blocks painted with chalkboard paint. On each side, you can write a letter. Ask your kid to write the name of an object or a living thing that starts with the same letter. There are plenty of other math, reading, spelling and guessing games to create out of shapes and other recycled toys.

Benefits of Chalkboard Paint

The greatest benefit is that you have a way to compromise with your kids about drawing on large surfaces. They can do it as long as they use chalk, and you do not have to worry about scolding them for ruining your furniture or staining the walls with markers. It keeps them busy and gives them a never-ending way to express themselves. If they drew only on paper, you would need to buy more paper often. By using chalkboard paint instead, you help save paper and your wallet.

Thanks to digital photos and cloud storage, you have the ability to capture photos of their artwork to save. You may want to print out a few thumbnails and put them in a scrapbook for yourself or your kids. Chalkboard paint is also economical and does not require much maintenance. If you need an area repainted in the future, a painting contractor can apply fresh paint.

Chalkboard walls or areas in a home can also serve useful purposes. For example, you and your kids can use one wall or area as a message board. It can be a family communication board. You can write a list of chores on your child’s wall at night, and after your child completes them, she or he may erase the chores and draw on the chalkboard area. You may discover other benefits of chalkboard paint as well.

Professional Chalkboard Paint Application in Oakland County MI

At LRM Painting, we have years of experience and a proven record of excellent service. Our interior painters handle a wide variety of painting projects in the home, including chalkboard paint application. We are fully insured and licensed to give you the assurance that you will be satisfied with the results. Our friendly tradesmen finish jobs on budget and on schedule. We will be happy to consult with you on your needs for scheduling, paint colors, project ideas and more. Please contact us to learn more about chalkboard paint in Oakland County MI.