A home gym is one of the best investments you can make for your health. When your workout gear is right around the corner, it’s much easier and more convenient to exercise. You can work out from the comfort of your own home, which is far preferable to the gym for most people.

Whether you already have a home gym or are currently building one, you can take the space to the next level with some thoughtful color and design choices. You’re probably focused mainly on the equipment you’ll use in the space, but the design of the room itself can have a big impact on your energy level. By carefully choosing a shade for your home painting contractor to use, you’ll create a space that feels exciting and motivating.

The best shade for the walls in your home gym depends on your fitness goals and your style of working out. The following are some ideas for your Oakland County MI home gym renovation:

Fiery Colors to Energize You

Bright, warm colors can add a lot of life to your home gym. Fiery red or orange shades could be a great option if you like powerful and high-energy workouts. Whether you’re into weightlifting or cardio, consider bright colors if you want an instant energy boost when you step into the room. Your environment can subconsciously affect your energy level, so incorporating these colors will make it easier for you to power through a tough workout.

Bright colors can be overwhelming on the eyes, though, so you should consider the size and layout of your home gym before you paint all the walls with a bold red or orange. If the room is somewhat small, four bright walls might be too intense. In this case, you could paint one or two accent walls with the bright hue and stick to neutral colors for the rest of the space.

Cool Tones to Cool Down

While some people like being energized by warm colors, others prefer the exact opposite. Your home gym is there to help you work up a sweat, but you don’t want to overheat or overwork yourself. If you find that you get exhausted from your workouts and struggle to find the motivation to finish them because you’re so tired, cool tones might be a better choice.

Light grays, icy blues, and other cool tones can help the room feel physically colder. Although they don’t actually influence the temperature of the space, they can trick your mind into feeling cooler, which can help you push through the workout. These colors might not energize you as much as warm shades, but they’ll help you avoid getting overwhelmed during strenuous exercise.

Calming Shades for Meditative Exercises

If your exercise of choice is yoga, pilates, or other meditative workouts, calming or earthy tones can set the mood for your home gym. When you’re trying to clear your mind and focus on exercising, you want the space to feel calm and comforting. A light, gentle blue shade or an earthy green hue can be perfect for a yoga studio. These colors reduce stress, increase focus, and can instantly motivate you for your workout.

Neutral Colors for a Blank Slate

Maybe you’re concerned about the space being too loud or busy if you choose colorful options for your wall paint. In this case, you could play it safe and stick to neutral tones. Neutrals are an excellent option if you have a lot of equipment as you don’t have to worry about the room looking cluttered with bright or distracting colors. They also make decorating much easier, so if you’re planning on putting decor in your home gym, neutral wall colors could give you a good base.

How to Put the Final Touches on Your Newly Painted Room

After your home painting contractor has finished the paint job in your gym, you can apply the final touches to make it perfect. Here are some ideas to elevate the space:


Avoid harsh lighting in your home gym as it can overwhelm your eyes and make it difficult to focus. If possible, natural lighting is your best option. However, you do need adequate lighting in the space so that you feel energized. You can install gentle overhead lights to illuminate the room.


Mirrors are essential in a home gym to make sure your form is correct. They’re also a great way to make a small room look larger and more open. You should have at least one or two body-length mirrors in your home gym. An entire wall of mirrors can be an excellent touch, though.


Don’t forget the importance of organization in your home gym. You need shelving units, bins, or other storage space for weights, bands, and other equipment. Make sure you leave room along the walls for these items, and create an accessible organizational system so that you can easily find everything you need for your workout.

Oakland County Home Painters

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