We all spent a considerable amount of time indoors in 2020 and noticing a few things here and there that need our attention was inevitable. One of the most important lessons everyone learned this past year was the importance of keeping your home looking pristine and neat. No one wants to be stuck indefinitely in a home that does not appealing.

When most people hear about paint they automatically think, interior painting. However, exterior painting is a great way to beautify your home. In fact, we recommend giving your home’s exterior a fresh coat of paint at least every two years. The result appearance of your home will be certainly worth it.

So, now that you have decided it is the opportune time to repaint your home, what color do you want to use. It is easy to be spoiled for choice with all the magnificent colors out there but painting isn’t just about adding color. A lot of serious thought must go into choosing a color that best represents your style without color-blocking other aspects of your compound. In that spirit, here are some of the trending colors for residential painting. We are certain you will find your match in one of them.


1. Warm, Creamy Whites

There are numerous homes painted in stark white out there but we want to interest you in a worthy alternative, off-white. This color lets you enjoy the calm and sophisticated look of a white-like shade without the maintenance demands of the original white color.

We are talking about warm, creamy white shades like Seapearl and Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore. Swiss Coffee is more vivid compared to Seapearl but they both come highly recommended. Pair them with wooden accents or a second bolder color for a totally splendid appearance.


2. Pale Gray

There is a kind of serenity that comes with pale gray that makes it the perfect color for your home. If you love to sit outdoors and enjoy nature or host a barbecue, you want your home to add to the pleasant scenes, not act as a distraction. Warm pale gray colors with hints of green are the best way to strike this balance.

Sherwin Williams’ Dovetail and Crushed Ice are top on our list of pale gray colors. As expected with most pale colors, your painting contractor might need to go over it several times to achieve your desired shade. These colors show their warmth in cloudy weather and can appear somewhat color against bright light.


3. Dark Gray

This color has been a classic for decades and we are not surprised that it is trending in 2021. It is closer to black compared to pale gray and gives off a charcoal kind of appearance. If you have a beautifully landscaped yard or flower garden, you can rest assured that this color will make it pop while maintaining the beauty of your home.

We recommend Benjamin Moore’s Wrought Iron and Sherwin Williams’ Cyberspace for this color. Cyberspace has a hint of blue which adds to its uniqueness. You will definitely have people asking what color it is. However, you may want to opt for a gray color that is not too dark. You do not want your home absorbing heat during the summer.


4. Beige

Some beige colors in the market tend to turn yellow upon application and this quality has greatly affected the ranking of this color in previous years. However, a few reputable brands have kept the good name of beige alive and we are glad to let you know that it is on top of the painting market this year.

Forget the deceptive, yellow-turning shade, our 2021 beige color is subtle and warm and appears off-white against bright light. We are talking about Accessible Beige by Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore’s Shaker Beige. Feel free to get a top-to-bottom look with this color or consult our contractors if you would rather pair it with another color.


5. Bronze

Bronze may exude a neutral vibe but it not the easiest color to work with. You may want to ensure that your roof and accents are in colors that take well to bronze or are accentuated by it. Our number one recommendation is Sherwin Williams’ Urbane Bronze. This color went above and beyond last year and was deservedly recognized as Sherwin’s color of the year.

Benjamin Moore’s Aged Bronze is also an excellent choice for exterior painting. You can pair it with real bronze fixtures and furniture for the ultimate sophisticated look but it does pretty well on its own as well.


6. Pewter

You may not be familiar with the color pewter but we are certain you will be pleased to meet its acquaintance. This color looks like tin metal with a hint of gray and it is perfect for any home because it is virtually neutral.

Pewter Cast by Sherwin Williams is a perfect choice for your home’s exterior. We must warn you that the color is lighter than it appears so it would be best to do a few swatches to figure out how many coats you need to achieve the perfect color.

Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore is another good pick. You can pair it with wooden accents or even create a customized palette to make your home really stand out. This color transforms your home while highlighting the flowers and vegetation in your compound.


7. Slate Blue

Do not worry if you cannot tell if this color is bluer or gray, that is exactly what it is meant to do. This mysteriously unique color creates a beautiful neutral shade that can be paired with off-white, beige, or both!

It is essential to remember that this color is not entirely as it seems. You may want to swatch it a couple of times before you take your pick. The color is prone to change in appearance based on the lighting so you might want to consider that aspect as well.


8. Navy Blue

There are so many different shades of navy blue that one can easily classify them as separate colors. Some shades easily pass for royal blue while others appear to be bluer than others. The best solution for this predicament is to sample different colors so that you know how your home will look after painting.

We recommend navy blue shades that appear neutral such as Hale Navy from Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams’ Admiral Blue. There are absolutely no rules when it comes to navy blue so feel free to pair it with another color if you want a look that better portrays your style. It is the perfect color for a mid-century house or a bungalow on the coast.


9. Earthy Green

Many homeowners are reluctant to add some green in their exterior painting ideas because it does not qualify as a neutral color. We understand the skepticism. You do not want to incur double painting expenses after painting your home in a color you cannot stand.

That is why recommend working with a virtual exterior designer. They will show you a rendering of how your home is likely to look in the color and you can decide if it is worth the risk or not. If you would like a touch of mother-nature in your home, try out Green Earth by Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore’s Saybrook Sage.


10. “Wood”

Paint is important if you want your home to look good and even protect it from rain and sunlight but wood is also an essential part of trending exterior colors in 2021. You can use real wood for furniture, accents, and patio covers or even use a good wood stain to highlight certain parts of your house. More homeowners are embracing natural tones and wood is a great way to join in the trend.


BONUS: Colorful Door

Do not worry if you are not too sure about getting an entire exterior painting experience. You can start with your front door and see how it goes from there. Past years have seen homeowners opt for yellow and red colors but we have a new perfect duo for 2021, green and pink.

These two are great options if you want to show some personality without going overboard. If you do choose to try some green, be sure to check out Benjamin Moore’s Greyhound as shown in the image above.


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