You want to keep your home in the best condition possible. Perhaps you have thought to paint your bathroom, but you wonder about the colors that you use. What colors will look the best? You want colors that will have a timeless appeal because you don’t want to find out later that your home looks outdated. You want it to be in style. While neutral colors may be boring, they appeal to a larger group of people.

Bathroom Colors That Will Look Great

First, you want to choose a good residential painting company because you want to know that you work with one of the finest companies around. Before you decide, allow yourself the freedom to explore and think about the possibilities. You have many choices available to you.
Some of the possible color suggestions include for the home’s interior:

• Taupe
• Gray
• Blue-gray
• Parchment
• Seafoam green

Each of these colors can appeal to a bathroom for different reasons, and you want to consider the theme of your bathroom before you decide to go with a specific color. What theme do you want to use for the bathroom? Each choice will make a big difference, and it can help you with your decision. Different colors will put out a different vibe in the home.


A dark brown color mixed between gray and brown, this neutral color remains timeless because of its neutral factor. In addition, it becomes a serene backdrop for your bathroom that looks fantastic, and it looks great with linen colors. Most people who paint their bathroom want to make it feel peaceful in the bathroom. They want it to feel spa-like and taupe will appeal to a lot of people while giving feelings of wellbeing.


Especially right now, gray has become a trendy neutral paint color that a lot of homeowners have chosen for the bathroom. Gray speaks elegance in the bathroom and with the right setup, it looks beautiful. This color especially gets complemented with white because the two work two work together well. In fact, you will find how this color goes with literally everything. You don’t have much that this color doesn’t look good with.


Combining two of the timeless classics that most likely won’t go out of style in the bathroom any time soon, blue-gray has a clean and elegant look that goes well with the bathroom. Some of the styles that it has been known to work well with include preppy, nautical and traditional. LRM Painting can help you to put this in your bathroom, and it saves you from a long day of painting. We serve Macomb County MI.


Raw elegance, the parchment paint color looks great in the bathroom, and you can pair it with different shades of white to make it look even better. One of the things that a lot of people notice when they walk into a parchment colored bathroom is how it makes the room pop. It brings out the life in the room with this color, which is what has made it a popular choice.

Seafoam Green

Seafoam green puts out relaxing vibes for the bathroom all around, and if you do it correctly, you can even make the bathroom feel like a luxurious and private spa. That is guaranteed to attract home buyers in the future. In particular, the lightness of the color will complement and accent color. Some of the other colors that this color works well with include dark green, navy and white.

What Kind of Paint Finish Will Look Best in My Bathroom?

Home painters know that while your first thought getting that new paint on your bathroom walls is undoubtedly the color, the finish of the paint is also very important. The finish sets off your paint brilliantly and helps create the overall look for the room. Think about the advantages and disadvantages of each type of finish to decide which option is best for you.. Some of the most popular paint finishes that you will find include:

• Eggshell
• Satin
• High gloss
• Semi-gloss
• Eggshell

Eggshell is a popular finish because of how it has an interesting texture while still providing you with an attractive finish. As an interior painting company, however, we have to advise you on this. An eggshell finish can be difficult to clean, and this can make it more prone to mildew. It is not resistant to mildew, and that becomes a real problem in the bathroom.


We don’t advise that you use flat/matte in the bathroom for multiple reasons. It does not work well in the bathroom. It works best in low-traffic parts of the home like the master bedroom because of how it does not reflect light directly.


You might use satin in the bathroom if you have low humidity features to help it along, but otherwise, it may not be your best choice. Satin doesn’t have water absorption, and this makes it difficult to use in the bathroom.

High Gloss

What makes high gloss popular in the bathroom as a finish comes from the fact that it is water resistant. It works. The one thing that you should understand about high gloss finishes comes from the fact that they can accentuate the imperfections of a bathroom, and they usually do not look great on a large surface. For that reason, you may not want to choose this for that purpose unless you’re sure that it will work.


Glosses have a reputation for repelling moisture, which has made them a popular choice. You can clean it easily, which matters in a bathroom. Anyone who owns a home knows how hard cleaning a bathroom can be, and you want it to look as good as possible. One of the most useful ways that you can use semi-gloss is through putting it on the walls. You can use it on the walls, the ceiling, the trim and the vanity of your bathroom. The one thing to keep in mind, this will give your bathroom a shinier look. The other thing is that semi-gloss draws attention to imperfections on the walls, so you want to prep the walls well before you get into it. This will make a big difference helping it to look its best.

Specialty Bathroom Paint

As a residential painting contractor, we also offer specialty bathroom paint. What is specialty bathroom paint? You have a few key reasons that you might do this that include:

• Mildew-inhibiting properties
• Tight structure
• Washable finish

Bathrooms have a reputation for being hard on paint because of the moisture in the air that comes from a steamy shower can wreck the paint through penetrating into it. Not to mention, the water that gets splashed directly on the walls can have a negative impact on the paint overall. That’s why you have to consider these things carefully.

When you go to choose a residential painting contractor, you want to choose the right one for the job. Pick someone who has a strong work ethic, and they have been doing the work for a long time. LRM Painting uses home painters who have several years of experience, and their main goal is to minimize the disruptions that can happen in the process of painting. Bathroom paint does tend to cost a little more than standard interior paint, but you have paint that was designed to last in the bathroom. Luckily, bathrooms also tend to be smaller and because of that, it usually takes less than a gallon to paint everything with two coats. Call us today, and we will consult with you on colors, and we will get a schedule ready.