Does your home need a makeover? If so, accent walls are an excellent way to create a new atmosphere without draining your wallet. Deciding which wall and the perfect color for your room can be a bit overwhelming but the good news is, residential painting contractors will help you decide and get the job done quickly.

Accent walls have become an exciting trend that is here to stay! It allows you to create a new look that can brighten up a room or make it warm and cozy.

What are accent walls?

An accent wall is one solid wall in any room that does not have a window or door. Almost every room in the house has this type of wall and it’s the perfect spot to add color, depth, and texture to a room.

Home painters from an interior decorating company will help you choose the right wall that allows the eye to naturally get drawn to the color that suits the room and complements the furniture the best.

How to Choose a Paint Color for an Accent Wall

The color is the most important part of the accent wall and there are a few things you need to take into consideration when choosing the right one for your room. The first thing is the color of the furniture in the room. You need to decide if you want the paint color to match the furniture or become a burst of color in the room.

For example, if the furniture is a yellow tone, you can choose a blue paint color for the accent wall. This will create contrast and make the wall stand out as the focal point. However, if you choose a yellow hue that complements the furniture it will create a soothing environment that will allow you to use colorful artwork and accents as focal points.

There is a wide selection of paint colors to choose from and some can be custom made to suit your home décor perfectly. If you are having a difficult time choosing a color you can find inspiration in a variety of places such as movies, home décor shows, magazines, hotels, homes of friends and families, or anywhere that sparks an idea for a paint color.

If you have difficulty deciding an interior painting company and home painters can help you narrow down the choices and guide you towards the colors that will most complement your room.

How to Decorate an Accent Wall

Accent walls stand out on their own when they are painted with bold colors. The general rule of decorating a bold accent wall is to place one large art piece such as a colorful painting on the center of the wall. An excellent tip is to choose artwork that has a splash of the color on the wall.

Also, if you choose a pastel or soft-toned paint color for the accent wall, you can use bold color artwork that pops against the light-colored paint. In this scenario, you can also use more than one piece of art such as hanging the same size artwork side by side or in a cluster.

Another great decorating idea for an accent wall is to leave it totally bare and let the color be the focal point. While it might sound unusual to not hang artwork on a wall, it actually creates an exquisite look especially when you use a potted plant to complement the wall.

For example, a bold color red wall really stands out in a room but if you add the contrast of a potted bamboo plant and place it on the floor in front of the wall it creates a beautiful accent using color. You can also choose a solid color pot for the plant or a colorful one that pops against the red wall or has a splash of the same color red in the decoration on the pot.

Why paint an accent wall instead of the entire room?

Now and then a home needs a bit of sprucing up but the homeowner doesn’t always have the budget for a total home makeover. Accent walls are not only an affordable way to change, enhance, and improve any room in the house but it’s also a popular home décor trend that creates sophistication and design to the home.

Accent walls also give you the chance to create a different look in every room. For example, an open floor plan that has the kitchen, dining room, and living room all in one area can have an accent wall in the kitchen and the living room to tie the space together. Another option is to use one color in the kitchen and another color in the living room area to create a different look for each area. This technique should be done with colors that complement each other since the accent walls will technically be in the same area.

You can also choose to put an accent wall in every room in the house so each area has its own unique décor. This is an exciting thing to do in the house and it creates a beautiful environment.

Accent walls are cost-effective, enhance your home décor, freshen up boring rooms, and can be used to tie in a large open space.

If you live in a small studio, apartment, or condominium an accent wall is a great way to add color and energy to the space. Light color paint makes a small room look bigger and brings light into the space, while darker tones draw in the space and create a dimmer environment.

An excellent middle ground for paint colors in small apartments is a medium tone hue of any color that provides color while at the same time warms up the area for a cozy vibe.

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