Homeowners in Oakland County MI often share the same decorating challenge. This challenge is tied to the feeling that something is not quite right about the décor. While each room is unique, this sentiment is often caused by the ceiling. If you have not decorated your ceiling with texture and paint, rest assured that you are in good company. Unfortunately, neglecting the ceiling results in a large surface area in the space that has no character. Thankfully, the solution to this problem is easy to execute when you hire the right team of interior painters for the job.

The design possibilities for your home’s ceiling are robust. In fact, you can tailor the design to your specifications with the use of a combination of colors, texture and patterns. Our expert residential painters are available to start working on your project soon. Through our expertise and hard work, our interior painters at LRM Painting can help you to achieve the finished look that your rooms need. Are you eager to get familiar with design ideas for ceilings?

Focus on the Trim

While it is easy to think about the ceiling as one feature, the reality is that this area is often outlined by crown molding and broken up by features like the plates for ceiling fans, air vents and light fixtures. Adding color to these accent pieces is a smart idea that will elevate the personality of the space. There are a few approaches that you can take with regards to color. For example, choosing a hue that is a few tones lighter or darker than the color used on the walls can make them pop to life. Other ideas are to use a contrasting tone or a dramatic option like black or charcoal gray.

Add Character with Color

While beige is common on ceilings, it lacks the same character that hues like plum, olive, tangerine, canary and others have. For inspiration, look at the accents that are used in the upholstery or area rugs in the room. Regardless of whether you choose a contrasting or complementary hue for the ceiling, you can combine this effect with your focus on the trim pieces for an all-around finished look. Are you uncertain about the benefits of using color in this way, or do you need assistance with the selection of the perfect shade? As your painting contractor, our hardworking team at LRM Painting is happy to meet with you for a color consultation before we provide you with a free estimate for our services.

Renew Aging Surfaces

Drywall can show its age through cracks, texture blemishes and more. In some of the older homes in Oakland County MI, these blemishes are true eyesores that detract from the otherwise beautiful décor in the space. Your painting contractor can utilize a variety of techniques on the ceiling to conceal unsightly areas. For example, matte paint can hide these areas more successfully than a high-gloss paint will, and this is particularly true when the paint has a darker hue. Regardless of the paint color selected, decorative techniques related to texture, dual-tone swirling and even glitter can be effective as well.

Dress Up the Ceiling with Beadboard

Do you love the clean, finished look of beadboard? Rather than installing this material on the walls, consider how beautiful the pattern and texture would look on the ceiling. Beadboard is associated with farmhouses as well as with elegant or traditional décor, but you can achieve a different effect when the material is mounted on the ceiling and when a creative color scheme is used. With this in mind, beadboard could be a smart option for your décor regardless of the design theme.

Install Patterned Tiles

If the linear pattern on beadboard may not be right for your space, you can take a closer look at some of the many styles of architectural tiles available. When mounted on the ceiling, these tiles can create a brilliant pattern that adds a sense of distinction to the room. Your painting contractor can easily paint the tiles any color that you select from the palette you are working with. An alternative is to choose metallic tiles.

Request a Consultation Today

At LRM Painting, our Chesterfield Twp interior painters are eager to help you create a space that you love. Whether you need to hire a professional contractor solely for a ceiling project or you want to see top-to-bottom results, our painters are available to do the work for you. The first step is to contact us today for a color consultation with our interior painters.